Sat/Sunday results from Ivy House.

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Aug 3, 2007
Saturdays 'open' on the match lake.

1st Alan Smith 57:12 peg 12
2nd Rich Lovering 45:02 peg 45
=3rd Simon Stacey 38:12 peg 16
=3rd Simon Jones 38:12 peg 33
5th Jeff Fox 28:12 peg 41
6th John Bailey 28:00 peg 24
No change from Alan as he fished his usual method of maggots a couple of feet out in front.
Sundays 'club' match on the Small Lake and Old Canal.

Small Lake 1st
1st Mick Robbins 58:13 peg 11
2nd Paul Dressler 51:08 peg 16
3rd Gary Etheridge 34:15 peg 21

Old Canal
1st Dave Halliday 41:06 peg 21
2nd Dick Young 39:03 peg 16
3rd Paul Ogbourne 19:00 peg 6

This section was hard going for most.

Once again another match lost for me, but pleased to finish 2nd on the Small Lake. I lost 30/40lb of carp mostly foul hooked as i was fishing to my right by the outlet pipe. I started off with banded pellet,but was missing bites, so went onto paste and started to catch. I went a bit quiet for a while so tried out in front and into the corner, but no takes, so went back to the outlet pipe and was catching steadily on paste, nothing big but even the 2 to 3 pounders mount up.
4 o'clock john calls the all in,and me shouts back "still another 15 mins to go yet". I called to the old canal to carry on, so John added on 5 more minutes to compensate for lost time. That last 20 mins i had only one bite, and mick on peg 11 was catching down his left hand side, and had one on at the whistle which might just have won him the match.
Not open for further replies.