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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 17/08/02
Venue : Bosaw Lake nr Odiham (Hampshire)
Time : 11am till 4pm


This match report is a bit different to the normal reports as this match was arranged to commemerate my Brother-In-Law Mick Paxford (known as Paxo to his circle of fishing friends) who sadly passed away suddenly on August 12th last year (2001).

It was arranged by his Son-In-Law Len Drew on a venue that they both fished on a regular basis prior to Mick's death.

Unfortunatly also running the same day was the Division 1 National on the Basingstoke Canal and as a lot of Mick's friends and team mates were fishing it only 10 of us turned up to fish in this match in memory of him.
But thanks to those that did fish from all the family.

As the venue we fished is nearly 190 miles away from my home we (the Rugby Doyle's) decided we'd drive down on Friday and stay at my parents in Reading as it would give me a chance to try and find the venue and have a look around before the match.

Gemma and me went off to try and find the venue which is located near Odiham in Hampshire. After driving along what must be some of the narrowest and bendiest country lanes in Britian we eventually found the venue known as Bosaw Lake.

At the end of the last track (and there were many) we got a pleasant surprise to find a nicely maturing 30 peg reed fringed pool with a central island as well as marginal lillies and lillie pads surrounding the island.

View from peg 11 towards peg 1(far right) and the island point with lillies

Whilst we walked around the pool we saw a large quantity of Carp around 6lb or 7lb and a large quantity of small fish topping all over the place.icon_smile_big.gif
But nobody was fishing so we had nobody to question regards tactics and thing's.
As luck would have it though as we were about to leave the owner turned up so we managed to gleen some information but what we were told did not help us much for the following reasons.

To quote the owner i would need lots of Maggot and at least 5 pints of Hemp as thats what the fish have switched onto recently.

Trouble was it was now past 6pm on a friday night and all tackle shops were shut but hey i had 6 tins of Corn and 8 tins of meat as well as pellets but no Hemp or Maggot as info i'd been given before leaving Rugby was Meat/Corn & Pellet.
(when will i learn that not everyone gives the right info to others).icon_smile_sad.gif
Well Gemma and me got in the car to go back to Reading to get the bait and gear sorted but (and this is where the fun started) the battery on the car was flat.icon_smile_angry.gif
But that was no real problem as i carry a fully charged battery in the boot.
Trouble was every time i took my foot off the accelerater it would cut out and need a jump start and that was the problem, as between Odiham and Reading there must be 20 sets of traffic lights and at least double that amount of roundabouts icon_smile_sad.gificon_smile_sad.gif

So sorry to all those motorists that kept getting stuck behind the G reg Granada but now you know the reason.

Well friday night was spent riddling 8 tin's of meat and a few tins of Catmeat (in mums front room) sorry about the smell mum
and bagging up 6 tins of Corn, as well as knocking up a few extra rigs now that i'd seen the size of the fish.

Saturday Gemma and me were up at 7 so as to load the car and hopefully get it started and get to Halfords for 9am (when they open) to get a battery and still have time to get to the match for the 10am draw.

Needless to say the car kept cutting out again icon_smile_dissapprove.gificon_smile_dissapprove.gif but now every time it cut out the alarm would go off as well just to add to the fun (well i kept laughing even if Gemma found it not so funny).

We pulled up at Halfords just as they opened the doors and i got a new battery (glad i keep a pair of pliers in my tackle box) as i had no tools in the car.
Then off we set for the 25 mile drive to Odiham.
Trouble was the car still cut out every time i took my foot off the accelerater and the alarm would sound but at least now it would restart straight away.icon_smile_approve.gificon_smile_approve.gif

Well we got to the draw just past 10 and Len told me i was on peg 11 (far end of the island) and as Gemma was not fishing just there to watch i had a helper with the gear, so off we trotted to the peg.

Now to cut this very long story a little short i'll skip the actual fishing and put the result and a few pictures up (thats if your all not asleep already)LOL

1st...Maurice Saunders....36lb 8oz
2nd...Kevin Saunders......34lb 10oz
3rd...Len Drew............33lb 5oz
4th...Jason Ellam.........31lb 3oz
5th...Steve saunders......30lb 4oz
6th...Darren Brown........29lb 14oz
7th...Rob Burnby..........28lb 14oz
8th...Malc Doyle..........19lb 7oz
9th...Bill Suggers........12lb 8oz
10th..Gerry Ellam..........9lb 1oz

As you can see by the above neither myself or Len (Mick's Son-In-Law) won the trophy that was put up for the match by Kirsty (Mick's daughter) & Len. But there's always next year.

And now a picture interlude.

Match winner Maurice Saunders (tipping the net) about to weigh in.

2nd placed Kevin Saunders (holding the net) being weighed in.

My best fish a tench about 1lb (sorry about the body)LOL

5th placed man Steve Saunders (tipping the net) about to weigh in.

Just before the match ended my youngest brother Alec came over with some of the family to see the weigh in and as he is not into fishing (never been before) i told him to have a go with my gear for a bit and see if he liked it.
So he did and after hr the pictures below show the result.

Brother Alec hooks his first fish and it's running

Brother Alec with his first fish and boy was he happy to catch it in memory of our Brother-In-Law Mick.
And back she goes (he wanted to take it home).

As you can tell it was a good day and a fitting memorial for Mick and every body went away happy and we all caught fish and a bit of sun as well.

Afterwards some of the family went back to Len & Kirsty's house for a family Bar-B-Q to round of a good day and we all sat chatting till the early hours of Sunday morning.
Some of the Doyle Family at the BBQ.

Thankyou for spending the time to read this thumbsup.gif

As a final note.
It's just over a year since you past away so suddenly and we all miss you and i hope that the above report would have met with your approval as it was due to you all those years ago that i took up fishing.

Thanks for the memories they will always be there.


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Aug 11, 2001

Sorry to find out the reason for the match, but i'm sure Mick would rather have you all fishing in his memory than sitting at home being glum.

great write up & fantastic pictures thanks for sharing that with us.


I'll have a fiver on the black un


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Oct 5, 2001
Sincere thanks for a great and heart warming report!
Never knew the guy, but just know he'd have loved it.

You combined the car disaster humour with a good fishing tale and who knows? your brother may join us now!

Well done mate and thanks again.


Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001
Nice report Malc. At least you didn't blank I feel sure somebody was up there watching and making your car cut out so you wouldn't forget the weekend.


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Sep 29, 2001

I am sure the family appreciated all the efforts made by his friends.Mick is up there thinking he can still beat you.

Great report and its about time you sorted your cars out what with cudmore and now odiham.


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Sep 18, 2001
What a super report.
I'm sure it was a fitting tribute,and at the end of the day everyone was a winner.
Judging by the grin on your brothers face,i'd hazard a guess that it won't be the last fish he catches icon_smile_big.gif
I'll see you at the weekend.

PS.sounds like the alternator might need some attention.


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Sorry to hear of the family loss Malc.
What a way to remember a loved one, have a match in his memory, nice one Malc.
Your brother looks rather pleased with his fish, bey you its not his last,
PHONE call for Malc, ERM Malc are we going fishing.

i'm going to bait up
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