Rugby Disabled Match 24/06/03..Peatling Parva

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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 24/06/03
Venue : Peatling Parva Match Lakes (Bottom Pool)
Time : 10.30 till 3.30

Before i go into todays report ill just let every one know that THE JINX came home today.[:(]

I loaded the car up to leave home at 8.30 goes to start the car and its as dead as a dodo [:(][:(] so after a frantic phone call to Steve W before he went to work he called round to give the car a jump start (cheers Steve). thumbsup.gif

As todays draw was set for 9.30 by the time I arrived it was just on 10 (late again) luckily there is no walking involved for the lads though as you can park behind your peg at Peatling so it was not to bad.

When i finally arrived i made the numbers upto 15 fishing.[:)]

Rob told me I was on peg 10 which was at the normally unproductive bottom end [:(] with Wayne to my left and Roy to my right.

First time Roys been out this year so it was nice to see him back on the bank.[:)]

And with Wayne to my left I knew that at least if the fish were quiet the bank side chatter wouldnt be as Wayne likes a craick.[;)][:p][;)]

Well the lads started at 10.30 (by the time I started it was nearer 11.30)[;)] those in the middle and top end of the pool went straight out on the popped up bread whilst those down the bottom were all on the pole as it narrows at the bottom end and the bread is not really an option and its normally popped up bread that wins here.

A few of the lads on the bread were straight into fish namely Dave Lacey on peg 5 and Dave Townsend on peg 13 who both on their first casts hooked and landed a carp around 7lb.

The Result

1st.D.Townsend..39lb 6oz..Peg 13
2ndT.Clish....32lb 6oz..Peg 17
3rd.B.Johnson..27lb....Peg 3
4th.D.Lacey...26lb 6oz..Peg 5
5th.M.Finch...21lb 2oz..Peg 14
6th.Pop......20lb 14oz.Peg 12
7th.M.Law.....10lb 14oz.Peg 2
8th.W.Lambert..10lb 12oz.Peg 9..(MDer)
9thM.Doyle....10lb 7oz..Peg 10.(MDer)
10th..G.Trehearn9lb 11oz.Peg 16
11th..R.Taylor.6lb 14oz.Peg 6
12th..J.Beards.3lb 15oz.Peg 4
13th..T.Richens.2lb 15oz.Peg 8
14th..J.Dance..2lb 11oz.Peg 7
15th..R.Morris.2lb 7oz .Peg 11

Total weighed in was 227lb 12oz.

This pool last year was full of Roach averaging 6oz and Skimmers around 12oz and double figures of these was easy for everyone but over the winter a lot of them have been taken out and put into one of the other pools on the site and its now not possible to put the weights of silver fish together.

Winner Dave Townsend with his 2 biggest fish of the day

Second placed Tommy Clish with Part of his 32lb 6oz catch

Well thats it for this weeks match.

Next week sees the lads over at Stockton Reservoir on Thursday 3rd July



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Jan 24, 2002
good results malc,
whats dirk on his home water next week STOCKTON

tight lines.

talk fishing flip football

lucky wayne

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Jun 4, 2003
at least the weather was kind to us today even malc could not jinx that i must say what a pleasure it was to fish next to such a great angler no malc not you i meant fat man tony roll on stockton next week and some more proper fishing and thanks for weighing all my fish this week malc your getting better mate
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