Rugby Disabled Match....20/05/03

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Aug 11, 2001
Tuesday 20th May saw 15 members of RADDAA turn out for the latest match of the year.

This match was at Misterton Hall and it makes a very pleasant change to fish here in such pleasant surroundings with the Main Hall as a back drop rather than the normal bomb site that greats you at a lot of fisheries these days.

The View from the car park over the lake

As can be seen in the above picture with mown lawns and topiary created shrubs surrounding the lake it is a pleasure to just be at such a venue.

Well onto the fishing

Brian & Rob had pegged 4 swims on the near bank at the top end (furthest from the car park) and 11 on the House bank to try and facilitate for easier fishing as the wind and rain was blowing at a slight angle from the house bank toward the car park.

With a tarmac roadway going from the car park to the house bank it makes life easier to get everyone to their pegs unless your name is Malc, well some pegs are midway from car access.[;)]

Once everyone was at their pegs i trudged off to find my peg (which Brian had drawn for me)[:D] and the picture below is the view i had looking behind me.


Mid way along the House bank and at the base of the main lawn.

Next peg on my right was Rob who has won the last 2 matches and fishes here regularly so at least I thought Id see a few fish caught, and I did but not by Rob.[;)][:D][;)]

The stock is mainly Tench, Roach, F1 Carp and Cruicans with the odd Ornamental Goldfish to add a bit colour.

The Result

1Malc Doyle.25lb 4oz(Mder)
2Maurice Law14lb
3Jack Beards..9lb 6oz
4Wayne Lambert.8lb 2oz..(Mder)
5Graham Trahearne.6lb
6Rob Taylor..5lb 8oz
7Pop Marcella.5lb 3oz
8Brian Johnson.4lb 7oz
9Brian Barnes.4lb 2oz.(Mder)
10..Mick Finch3lb 13oz
11Norman Tew..3lb 12oz
12Tony Richens3lb 2oz
13Terry Hill.2lb 15oz

Ken Smoult & Dave Townsend both did not weigh in.

94lb 10oz was taken to the scales

Once again Dirk was AWOL (think hes running scared regards all the 1 coins he would have lost to me by now)[8D][8D]

Second placed Maurice with his 14lb catch of Tench, F1s & Cruicans

5th placed Grahame with 1 of his F1 Carp

Next RADDAA match is next Thursday 29th and it's at Gilmorton Top pool.


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Jun 29, 2002
[h3] Getting a bit above your station arnt we Malc,topiary created shrubs? where did that one come from.
Your right thou Dirk's definatly running scared,is it 4 he ows you now?
This next bits for promissed [/h3]

[h2]Good report Malc wave.gif [/h2]

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