Rugby Disabled Match 17/06/03 Misterton Hall

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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 17/06/03
Venue : Misterton Hall
Time : 10am till 3pm

Today saw the RADDAA Lads return to Misterton Hall for the second time in this years match calendar.

Misterton means Tench, Cruicans, Roach and the odd F1 Hybrid and no Carp so always gets a good turn out from RADDAA members for due to the variety of fishing and pleasant surroundings.

And today was no different with 17 members turning out today and both banks were used with pegs 1 to 11 on the car park bank and pegs 11 to 17 on the house bank.

The day started great with the Sun blazing down, high temperatures and a gentle breeze towards the car park (YIPPEE SUMMER IS HERE).[8D][:D][8D]

All members caught although some of us found it a bit on the slow side, but everybody enjoyed the day, which is what its all about.[8D]

After doing my 3 trips around the lake to help the lads with their gear to their pegs i found for the second week running i was next to Tommy Clish so i knew wed have a laugh if the fish failed to show as i was drawn on the unwanted Rhododendron bush peg.[:)]

And i was not wrong as when the match started Tommy fed a punch swim next to a reed bed to his left and within 2 minutes a pair of Swans and their 2 Cygnets were bizzy feeding on the particles that had floated into the reeds.[:p]

The only problem with this though was the fact that the pair were, shall we say rather aggressive due to them originally having 7 Cygnets but now only having 2 due to the Mink taking the other 5,[:(] but thats nature.

All day they travelled around the lake hissing at every one being a bit aggressive at one stage we saw them decide to have a go at Terry (last weeks crash test dummy) on the house bank and the adults got out of the water in his swim and preceded to eat his bait whilst the rest of us over on the car park bank sat laughing.[:D][:D]

Anyway enough waffle and on to the result.

Rob Taylor..35lb 6oz
Jack Beards.28lb 5oz
Simon Monger27lb 8oz
Maurice Law...22lb 14oz
Tommy Clish..18lb 10oz
Tony Richens...13lb 4oz
Norman Tew11lb 9oz
Mick Finch.9lb 14oz
Pop.9lb 12oz
Malc Doyle9lb 8oz
Tommy Taylor...9lb 6oz
John Dance.5lb 13oz
Dave Lacey.5lb 10oz
Wayne Lambert..5lb
Graham Trehearne.3lb 12oz
Terry Hill...1lb 5oz
Dave Townsend.D.N.W

Total weight put on the scales was 217lb 8oz

The only down side was an hour before the end we had the heavens open and thunder and lightning so I packed up an hour early as I wont fish in thunder and lightning.[:(][:(]

But at least it ment I was all ready with the scales when the whistle blew.[:D][:D]

Rob Taylor with a tench in the net on his way to a 35lb 6oz win

There are no pictures from the weigh in as it was still chucking it down so the camera stayed away.[:(]

Next week sees the lads on the Bottom Pool at Peatling Parva, so it's back to Carp and more Carp [;)][;)]

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