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Chris Goddard

Jun 8, 2002
There has been a lot of mention recently in the angling press regarding the Close Season.
The RSSG is by virtue of its aims and objectives HAS to become actively involved with any change in the dates of the close season. The RSSG has Nailed Its colours to the mast!!
In order to fight the threat and be seen to be fighting this threat requires that the RSSG has enough committee members to attend meetings etc. At present we have just 4 committee members. Myself whom some of you already know, Liam Smyth who was the first to step into the breach and help out on a practical level. (Much against his personal wishes!)
We also have two other members of the committee who are acting as Catchment Officers and so whilst serving on the committee are not as such active in the day to day running of the RSSG as a going concern. But more of a local interfaqce with local issues.
A lot of people offerd there help in one way or another, but few have offered to take up committee positions. This is the reason for this post. The RSSG in order to go forward has to have more committee members in post and more members. The members will come, but the committee is required NOW!!
There are several positions that require filling, namely Chairperson, Treasurer and a Media officer. The list is not huge but I feel these are the positions that require filling with some immediate effect. Are you UP for it??
Questions are apparently being asked as to What is Chris Goddard doing?? Chris Goddard is doing just what he can!! Which is not a lot. Chris Goddard is only one man and is certainly nothing special!! However what can Chris Goddard and all the committee of the RSSG do is another matter entirely! Ask not what can be done for you but WHAT CAN WE DO TOGETHER!! Members will come in time, however if there is no RSSG for them to be active with it will all have been in vain. Please lets not have a re-run of a couple of weeks ago and see all this hard work going to waste, I am sure this will not happen, but please, please lets have some Bums on seats lovies!!
The rest as they say is down to you.


Chris S Goddard

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