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09/05/02 - 28/01/07
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May 9, 2002
Many thanks once again to Dave for organising another good days fishing. Unfortunatly the fish did not oblige. I got a Jack Pike fist cast, before the others had even set up. These old blokes do take their time...LOL. The only other fish caught was a handsom Pike of over 12lb. The exact weight and captor will be revieled by Dave when he puts up his report.Why don`t I say who caught it.....because I am lousy on names and am not sure if it was Teepee or not.Anyway we had a great laugh despite the rain and appreciate Dave setting it up......Cheers Mate....Haydn.... P.S. I also caught and landed a seagull....LOL


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Aug 8, 2001
Well it was a bit lacking on the fish front but plenty of laughs, banter and mickey taking [:D]

It started off with rain, rain and more rain but once the dawn started to break, the rain calmed off a bit and we went for a walk to check it out before committing ourselves to fishing under the Oak Trees.

No sooner had we got there than ?? forgot his name, oh er oh yes Haydn was into a small Jack Pike which was promptly landed - so it was looking good

Oh no it wasn't lol, the rain kept coming in showers, Stu and I were charged 2.40 for a bacon and tomato sarnie (each [8D]) and Stu found out that to buy a day ticket in advance cost 1 more than to buy it on the day - hurts a Yorkshire man does that [:p]

Teepee got stuck into a pike and what a nice fish it was as well weighing in at 11lb 12oz


Stu missed a couple of takes, Teepee aka George Clooney, Pierce Brosnen, Tom Cruise, super stud hooked and lost another whilst his 'Blue Rinse' fan club were watching in awe of his rippling muscle whilst grappling with the lake monster - they were consolled a little when they got to see the photo of the one above.
So off they departed with the girlish giggles that you get from two 80 yr olds who have found their missing love [:X][:X]

Plenty more b' b' b' b' banter f' f' f' f' followed yer twats [:p] with me being the main target lol. Norm got bored so decided it was time for

(a) A sleep:


... but that proved nigh on impossible because he was the recipiant of a shed load of anonamous phone calls for which Scoobs was blamed - and he wasn't even there - over to you Scoobs [8D]

or option (b)...

(b) To let his pike bung drift into Haydn's swim


[:D] - he's not got his reputation for nothing lol

Anyway as time drew the day to a close it was the turn for yes, yours truly to once again pull one out of the bag.
Mt buzzer rang out, I struck and yes it was on...
..the others shouted out "Have yer got it?" to which I responded in true cocky style "Corse i hav!" - the chuffing thing came off didn't it [:I][:D]

Ah well teach me to keep my gob shut in future lol

Nice day, and good pith taking company - a true MD's day out lol



12/04/02 - 10/01/19
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Apr 12, 2002
Another great day out, well for some[:D]
it started with pith taking and just carried on,

as we tackled up some woman was shouting fluffy, fluffy,
to which i enquired was she looking for Stu, for those of you
who haven't met Stu, Stu is a lot of things but Fluffy he ain't,
anyway fluffy turned out to be a Airedale Terrier, STu is more a kin to a Rottweiler[:D]
well the scene was set, lets just say there were more bites to be had
out of the water[:p]

now i'm experienced at the pith taking but new to pike fishing and the
pike in the picture of Dave's report is a PB for me (begginers luck)
so i was well chuffed.[:)]

right thats another good day, nice to have met you all again,

cheers lads, now wheres them two old biddies.[:D]


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Jul 25, 2002
WELL DONE TONY, no wonder you have got a fan club, if you keep this up you will need a minder to keep the screaming women back. [;)][;)][;)]

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Jun 4, 2002
WELL DONE the lads

so teepee the next time we are all at sema you'll be taking the pike gear in stead of the bream gear then??????[:D][:D][;)]lol


sorry i was not down. was unable to get out of some WORK [:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!][V] never mind always next time[:D]
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