Rolfs Lake today

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Vince G

Hop Along
Aug 5, 2003
I've just the report from Rolfs today.

What a match !!!!

Winner Gary Thorpe weighed in 356lbs 8ozs followed by John Lees with 316lbs 12ozs, Third was Russell Alexander with 302lbs. 103lbs was only good enough for 11th !!!!

Gary was absolutely sacking up at 5m up in the water and was filling his fourth net. Everyone present knew he'd caught a huge weight so his nets were left till last. Unfortunately as he lifted his 4th net at the weigh in he dropped it in the margins and practically all the fish escaped except a few stragglers. It is thought he may well have broken the UK match record if all his fish had been weighed.

Hard luck Gary, looks like you'll just have to do it all again, but congratulations on a superb days fishing.


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