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Mar 10, 2003
I have an old Dawia wisker dictator carp rod that is in need of re ringing.I am wondering if anybody knows of something that I can use to strip all of the old varnish without damaging the blank.Does anybody know if normal varnish striper would be O.K.
Any help would be appreciated.

Joe [:D] [:D]

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Aug 8, 2001
Hi Joe,

Don't use varnish stripper as it is a stronger version of the normal paintstripper and it will damage your rod.
The best way is to remove the old rings by cutting through the whipping with a sharp knife. When you cut through it do so on the foot of the old ring then that way you won't cut into the blank.
Remove the bulk of the whipping this way and then unravel the rest.

To remove the varnish get some wet and dry paper (180, 400, 800) and some soapy water. Remove the bulk of the varnish off with the 180 and then finish with the finer grades.
It takes a little elbow grease but it'll be worth it in the end [:)]

When rewhipping new rings on, position them so that they follow the natural curve of the blank and the butt ring around 20inches away from the reel seat. Hold the one of the feet of the ring in place with some sellotape until you get the right location and then build up the whipping on the blank first and up onto the ring's foot.

A handy tool to use is a fly tyer's spool holder as this allows you to get a good, clean whip around the ring.

Once all the rings are in place get some 'Dope' (not the smoking type lol) and give each whipping a coating of this first before applying the varnish. This will help tighten the thread for a secure hold [;)]

Allow each section to thoroughly dry before wiping down with the 800 grit (wet) to remove any bits and then add a final coat.
It's better to put on two thin coats than one thick one [:)]

All done then get out and give it a whirl - and don't forget to tell us how it went



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Nov 4, 2001
To add to what dave said, insted of dope buy some "high build sealer" If enough coats are applied it will give a more professional finish. When applying the varnish to the rod DONT use a brush, tip some varnish into a tin lid and apply using your finger tip ensuring a thin even coat. At least 4 coats is needed.

chill out go fishing

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