Rod Ready Holdall

The Hitman

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Jul 5, 2017
^^ Thank you....:)............So no problems getting two distance rod and reels in the same pocket?:unsure:
Not tried 2 in the same pocket, will have a go tomorrow, I have got 6 feeder rods set up so will send a photo later or tomorrow.

I had 11ft 2 piece and 12ft 3 piece in one pocket, 520 size reels, outer left

Same again in middle pocket, with distance reel on

then 12ft 2 piece with distance reel in the outer right, this did have room for my 10ft with 420 reel also


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Jun 2, 2012
This thread drew my attention. A couple of years ago I bought the Preston Competition 4 rod holdall. I had watched the video where it said 'ideal for all you guys that use 2 piece rods'

Like a fool I rushed in and bought it then was dissapointed when my 2 pc 12ft rods wouldn't fit in. I then ended up buying a matrix aquos to accompany it to get my 2 12ft rods in.

The supera 6 rod holdall looks just the job albeit a hefty price tag of £159.99 at AD.

It mentions outer pockets for umbrella, landing net handles etc. What are these actually like? Can you get an umbrella in along with 6 rods etc?