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Apr 1, 2013
Quite the opposite! Everything Drennen I have succeded to in destroying, Drennan have been able to replace. Even the midsection of my favourite landing net handle, which, at that point, had been out of production and sale for three years.
I think a lot of people might disagree on that point if you have ever had to deal with tri-cast you might change your mind, they will more often than not go over and above what is expected, they managed to replace a tip section of a float rod that I trod on and had been out of production for over 20 years, OK it was a slightly different colour as they couldn't get the original colour dye for the resin... Yes they actually made me a new one not one off a shelf

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Apr 5, 2020
I'm very pleased to hear that Tri-Cast have extraordinary after sales service. That is an example to follow for all tackle manufacturers.

Several years ago, I bought a TriCast John Allerton Premier Match 15 ft. I thought I bought a slim and light float rod, perfect for trotting a stick float for roach. Not so. It's a brutal piece of kit, well suited for match fishing commercials for carp. I used it twice. That's my fault. I could have done my homework, and gone for different rod.

But the finish of the rod, and the quality of the sleeve was not impressive. The one thing that was impressive, was the price. So, I will still route for Drennan.