River Weaver at Barnton again

Ivan heaphurst

Regular member
Aug 19, 2006
I tried to dodge the weather today so I was fishing for 7-30, the rain being due late afternoon. Ah well the best laid plans of man and fish went up the Swanee. It was a cracking morning when I started with one of the home made slim jims into about 8 ft of river and I was soon into Roach nothing massive but well worth the effort. Maggot, red and white on the hook though I did have one or two on casters that had turned in last weeks maggots. I fed pretty regularly maggots and a wazzed up loaf. This kept the fish in front of me with no long casts into the head wind being necessary. Mentioning the wind it got up fairly strong and I had to up the weight of float as the first was being blown back upstream, not that this bothered the fish as I had two decent Bream with the float being blown upstream. Best of the Bream going to three and a half pound.
The weather that was due late afternoon arrived early and with the wind blowing across the river at me was making life a bit damp. Looking at the direction the rain was coming from, there was no break to be seen so with the rain easing about 12-30 it was up sticks and away which considering the rain this afternoon was a wise decision.
Again though another very pleasant trip to the Weaver, might be back on it this Friday, might try the Winsford end for a change.