River Tern at Isombridge and Crewe Amalgamated

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Mar 26, 2011
Anyone any info on these, please?
E-mailed Jayne's Tackle in Wellington about general fishing on the Tern (and the Meese and Roden)in Shrops and...

1. They pointed me to a place at Isombridge with 2 pools and a stretch of the Tern for which you place your money into a honesty box attached to the barn - BUT no other info forthcoming to a request for further info. I have located the place via Google Earth and looks OK... but wondering... How long is the stretch of the Tern? How much to fish? Are the pools inc in the day ticket? A bit of a ride out for me so having a pool to drop back to if the river is 'out of sorts' would be an advantage. Any other info relevant also much appreciated...

2. I've heard that a stretch of Tern is available at Crudington with a Crewe Amalgamated Angler's card which is usually bought over the counter - but not unfortunately local to this area... and the only contact details for CAA I can locate is a postal address... and I'm a bit dubious of places that don't even have an e-mail contact never mind a web presence. Jayne's can't help as they know nothing of them. Any info on CAA or their stretch of the Tern, please?

OR any info on any fishing availability on any of the Tern, Meese (not Mease), or Roden in the Wellington or surrounding areas much welcomed.
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May 31, 2008
Crewe Amalgamated Anglers, known locally as the Mals has been in existence since about 1918 they have a tradional club house in the town centre of crewe, its an open membership, think its 40 with no joining fee. Photo id is required, contact details
crewe Amalgamated Anglers
9 Beech street

tel 01270 214856

membership runs Jan 1st to Dec 31st

as to the river turn,
left bank upstream of milk factory bridge to brooks.
left bank downstream to strine mouth
left bank downtream on bis meadow down to foaming brook.

the club also has some of the river roden, but not as much as it once did. This is at High Ercall
and also some of the river severn at Leighton bridge

hope that is of help.
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