River Medway The Lees Yalding

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Jun 2, 2007
Just spent the last couple of evenings fishing for roach and bream along this stretch of FREE fishing. In case you dont know it it is the canal type stretch that runs past the Anchor pub to the marina. Along the road as you approach the bridge.

Not many sit down swims there but enough for 1/2 dozen or so or if you want to stand there is about 1/2 mile or so. Good fishing lots of small fish but using the right baits you can get past them, and into good roach and bream.

I am just writing this to warn any anglers thinking of fishing this stretch and some of the area around on the main river. DO NOT FISH ON A WEDNESDAY EVENING.

The local Canoe club uses the area with about 20 canoes up and down. They use the Lees to launch themselves into the river 5 feet drop from the bank. Although they then proceed to the main river the fishing is ruined there for the evening. Just as you start to get the fish back they return via the road to their cars. Crashing and banging etc. You can still fish it but I suggest you go up to the standing only stretch well away from the grass area.

We all have rights to use the river but on a wednesday its the canoes that win.
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