River Kennet

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Steve M

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Feb 7, 2003
I have booked to fish the River Kennet, near Hungerford,with my son in a couple of weeks time. Its usually Trout fished for most of the year,but from Oct - March you can coarse fish for Chub,Dace,Bream,Roach etc and Grayling.As I have never caught a Grayling it really appeals.I have seen photos of the venue and it looks spot on for a bit of stick float fishing,travelling light.It looks to be about 5m - 8m wide. Depth is unknown but I would expect about 3ft ish. As I expect we will be walking a lot during the day, I will have to cut back on the usual mountain of kit that normally accompanies us wherever we fish.
Has anyone fished the venue or similiar? Is it best to fish a likely swim and move on if quiet,or stay put and hope to develop the swim.?
Any advice on tackle/baits/tactics for this venue greatly appreciated

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