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May 2, 2018
The Kilnhurst book has been under consideration for a few years, I will try it at some point. Probably tied in with Ravenfield in a few years, it looks a nice chilled place to fish and there’s plenty of variety with the canal and river too.
Im sure they do day tickets.


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Mar 22, 2012
Making the most of available opportunities is the name of the game for me, this season. An early start meant an early dart and I was away and fishing by 16.15. I went back to the stretch of the Don near St Mary’s Bridge, it looks fantastic and I know it contains barbel… somewhere!

I started off with a pva stick, full of 2mm pellets and Sonubaits Barbel groundbait, mixed dry. This was attached to a 2ft hooklength, a size 10 and a 12mm spicy sausage dumbbell.

Three casts later and the tip started bouncing away, I was into what I thought felt like a chub. But this was no chevin, in fact it was what I can come in search of… albeit a very tiny version!

Perfection in miniature, and a good sign for the future.

I then spent the next two hours without a bite, I kept ringing the changes, longer hooklengths, different size pellets, paste, pva bags or straight lead with catapulted loose feed. The odd rattle on the tip providing some optimism, either way I was quite happy with the baby barbel and it’s been a nice warm evening sat relaxing by the riverbank.

I started to type this report up as I was thinking of packing up. In fact I’m still here now, on my third last cast. My first last cast was half an hour ago which resulted a three foot twitch and an adrenaline fuelled battle with something much bigger than the first bite. The end result was a lovely 6lb 4oz River Don barbel.


I’m well happy with that! My target was to just catch one from this river, so with objective achieved I’m heading off to enjoy the weekend.


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