River Dane at Woodhouse Farm

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Ivan heaphurst

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Aug 19, 2006
I first fished this bit of the Dane 40 years ago as a kid and I have yet to find a better looking bit of this wonderful little river. Today I went armed with the float rod and centrepin. Arriving at about 8'o clock I started to fish the top field up against the big 'U' bend that is the sandstone cliff. I don't know what it is about this peg on the river, I always manage to nearly do well on it. I just can't get it just right, I'm always 10 yards out of position to achieve a comfy trot down the river. This was the same today as I caught nothing but Minnows on my caster and hemp.
I moved about the peg and managed a couple of small Chub.
Moving downstream opposite an overhanging bush I was straight into a good Chub and a few dace, then nothing. The water was cold, as it was last week. I know this because for part of the morning I was wading. A bit cold for this time of year, why it is cold I don't know. I don't think the Dane takes any compensation water from any rezzer but I will listen to any ideas that any one may have.
Anyone who knows this Warrington AA stretch will know the end peg downstream. This is where I ended up this afternoon, it was a struggle for someone with a dicky knee to get down too but get down I did. It was hard work to get the fish to bite. First off, was a Trout of a couple of pound, then a Grayling and a couple of little Chub and Dace. The icing on the cake had to be the Chub of 4lb that took my double caster into the afternoon. It put a good scrap on the pin and lightish tackle.
Still the river is fishing noway near as good as I thought it would. Everything looks well, nice level good colour and even a slight upstream breeze, so it is either the cold water or my skill, or lack of it, that is stopping my catching.
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