RIP Football VAR has killed you.

Tenacious Sloth

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Jul 26, 2020
I think this highlights the main problem with VAR perfectly.

There’s nothing wrong with VAR, it’s the clowns that operate it who are incapable of making the correct decision even after looking at it. I don’t support either of these teams and as a neutral would say there is no clear evidence that he is offside, the resolution is just not good enough. Therefore he is level and onside.

The other problem when compared to cricket and rugby, is that instead of grownups we are dealing with children who will never agree with a decision that isn’t in their favour.

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
I still maintain that the use of technology is being made to look ridiculous on purpose.

The football authorities never wanted technology, look how far behind other sports they are and that given that the game is the most televised in the world. They are therefore creating the situation where they can abandon it saying the experiment "proved" technology didn't fit with football.

A few simple guidelines/rules would sort out the farce we have today

  1. Referee to call for VAR when unsighted/has a poor angle of view or VAR official believes a clear and obvious error made.
  2. Managers get two challenges per half, not rolled forward, one in extra time. This for any incident that they feel needs reviewing.
  3. Offside decided on the position of the foot in touch with the ground.
  4. Close calls such as offside within 15cm (6 inch) goes with the onfield decision (Umpire's Call)
  5. Introduce the time in play clock as used in rugby thus no need for added time. Clock to be re-set if play called back to an earlier incident.

And finally, as a Spurs fan, much as I wanted a draw in the Liverpool derby yesterday the offside decision that denied Liverpool the win was unbelievable.

kevin o connor

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Jan 1, 2010
I have always believed that the referees decision is final. I also believed that from time to time referees make mistakes and that it was part of the game. And finally I believed that the game was played according to the laws of the game =, and it was the same laws for all levels. It seems I was wrong about all 3 !