Rigged & Ready X5 Travel Rod

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Jan 27, 2019
Like many this year I have had my travel plans curtailed I had planned to travel around the UK by train and bike visiting new places to fish ( I have retired..) I even thought I might make it to Holland in search of the monster perch. I looked at the rods I have and thought you need a travel rod!! Looked at all the usual travel rods and considered Shimano STC but a little costly and read reviews about breakages and out of stock.... I then looked at Rigged and Ready rods which seemed to get good reviews and seemed robust. These rods come in lots of models and mainly vary in casting weight, some work as fly rods but are aimed at lure fishing but more on that later.
After some discussion wit rod.jpg h Riggy (Owner) I bought an X5 travel rod.
The rod comes in 5 pieces with various tips

5-15g QUIVER ROD. 2.2m (7' 2")

5-20g SPINNING, BAIT CAST, BAIT RODS 2.2m (7’ 2”)

15-40g SPINNING, BAIT CAST, BAIT RODS 1.9m (6'3")

5-6 weight FLY 2.2m (7'2")

6-7 weight FLY 1.9 (6'3")

The rod is about £80 but if you search about you can find money off vouchers.

As you can see the rod promises many things in one small compact package.

The quality is good for the money and its really strong on a par with an ugly stick I'd say.

The reel seat is strong & secure and the picture shows it with a Daiwa Theory 2000 which is a bit light and best balance is with a 3000 series reel. Neoprene handles are a comfy fit to my hand and the neoprene is robust.

The rings are well finished(lined) and look strong and importantly line up correctly with the spine of the blank. Rod joints are secure with a good pop when pulling apart (important when you have launched a rod tip across the river like I have)

So how does it fish? Well I tried it with spinners and lures on 5-20 gm, casts straight and you can feel the action of the lure in the water, the rod is flexible in tip section but the butt feels like it has some power in it, it is not as a finesse rod but it does the job well and importantly for me its a rod I enjoy using without worrying about breaking it.
I tried the quiver tip end ledgering and yes you can see the bites on the tip!!

So the real test.... Float fishing for the lightning fast roach and rudd on a lake up in the hills. Usually I take the Drennan ultralight but these days in my bid for fitness I walk the 10 round trip as you can see I leave most of the gear at home and small rod works perfectly.

Well the rod is no Matchpro, but it picked the line up well on the strike and I was hitting the bits out to about 15 metres, you just need to keep an eye on slack line ( as usual). I had best day for some time caught 15 rudd and a few perch. Fishing like this made me realise how useful a short rod is in some situations - Steep banks and trees!!. Even the small rudd but a bend in the rod tip and I could feel the movements of the fish through the reel seat - something I'm usually saying about my Tricast John Allerton rod.

To sum up, if you want a rod to take on holiday, keep in the car or take walking this rod is worth a look, it will let you fish a variety of styles in one package, the only thing I have to try is the fly casting... It also has a 2 year warranty no questions asked.