Renny Lake 19/7/07

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Sep 16, 2006
Started on the Pole at 5m, lost a Carp then nothing so switch to the margin. Had a few Roach, not much happening so i switched to back to 5m. Nothing on the bottom so i tried up in the water and lost another Carp.

After about 2 hours i had nothing but Roach, the fella next to me had had nothing at all! So i brought the Feeder out and cast it to the island. 1st cast and my Rod tip bent in half, safely landed a 3lb Carp. For the next hour it was a Carp a chuck, by the end of the hour i'd had 9 Carp. The bites stopped so i switch back to the Margin. Had a load ao nice Roach then i hooked the big one(either that or a foul hooked medium one!) It headed straight into open water and snapped my 3lb Hooklength, bugger!

Tried loads of differant things to get the bites back but they just weren't having it. In the end i hair rigged 10mm Cherry Boilies on a size 16 hook and managed to eak out another 2 Carp. All in all i had 11 Carp to 5lb, a load of Roach to 1lb and got snapped of 4 times! Left a little dissapointed after that hour when i thought i was gonna empty the lake.

Suprised at the amount of people there, about 30! and surprised at the amount of people going home whineing that they hadn't caught. Top venue in my humble opinion.
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