Reel-tas-tic courtesy of MD's auction

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May 29, 2002
Hi Peeps, [8D]

Just to confirm i recieved the reel that MD's auctioned and broke it in last Thursday.

Started fishing at 08:00 and didn't get a bite (fishing hair rigged Sweetcorn). then, the fish semed to wake up at 16:00 and they were attacking the dog biscuits i'd chucked in.

I soon tackled down one of the rods and started fishing with a controller float and a nice big piece of bread.
The first bite I had was at 17:00 when a bloody fish attacked the white bit on my float (completely ignoring the bread six inches away!!).

A new cast slightly further out saw my bread drift closer and closer to the reed bed. Then, yesssssss, a fish took my bread.
A top fight ensued, putting my rod and reel under pressure. Gave me chance to try the drag on the reel (i usually backwind). Excellent performance.

After what seemed the millionth time that the fish gave in and then buggered off again the carp was ready for the net I finally got it in.
Picked up the net and i thought, yes, come on, must be 10lb plus.
Bobbed it in the weigh sling and saw the needle zoom round to ......9lb 9oz.

Not a massive fish but one hell of a fight

So, just the one fish on a cracking day (sunshine all day, came home looking like a Lobster cos i 4got my sun oil...doh!!)

Well worth the wait

Can't wait to get out there again

Thats all folks

Keep Smiling

Take yer rubbish home with you

Fight the Power

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Andy J Lockwood


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Aug 8, 2001
Sorted Andy,

Have you seen Chris the deliveryman 'cause he hasn't returned back to work yet [:p] lol
Come to think of it, how is your dog looking lately - Full ? [:D]

Have fun ,

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