Reel Dilemma


Jun 28, 2021
Hi Everyone
Just bought two Method Feeder Rods ,10’ Preston Igninition/Drennan Vertex and now looking at suitable Reels to use with them.
I have 2 Shimano Aero Gt Baitrunners ,but they seem a bit heavy for the Rods.
Thought about a Preston Inertia or Browning Black Magic FD 430 so I can also use the Rods on the Ouse ( I live about 5mins away from it),something to be flexible for F1 Carp up to about 8lbs or for general Feeder Fishing on the River ( if that is feasible).
Looked at Reels in Go Outdoors and apart from very low stock, the ones I looked at were just as big as the Shimanos or tiny Reels with spools that were either tiny or big distance capacity ones.
can anyone recommend a reel ( that comes with a spare Spool).
Anyone own an Inertia or Browning Black Magic Reel?.
Thanks for reading this.

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
I use these. Now I know they are cheap and will not be as smooth or long lasting probably as something more expensive. But even the one I use most often has lasted me a few years. Cheap enough (I used to get them for £10 each) that I could afford to keep them on rods I use infrequently.



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Jun 18, 2018
Daiwa Ninja or Legalis 3012. There are some new Ninjas on ebay, and a couple of second hand Legalis. The Legalis is a far superior reel. Avoid the LT versions.