Reel - Can't decide

Mike atkinson

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Nov 22, 2013
Thanks Mike

I bought the CS8's from you. How did they compare to the Centris's. Close or millions miles apart?

I have Shimano's for me feeder fishing so this reel is for pellet or heavier waggler fishing.
Very different tools the centris against the cadence, I do love the cs10’s, but defo not worth the full rrp, there’s a couple of cs10’s on fb at the mo, for £80, that’s a £50 saving on the centris, now that’s worth it👍


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May 30, 2019
Any reel you may choose to purchase must have certain qualities beneficial to it's use. Any reel must store line in a particular manner, laying it around the spool to prevent 'pick up' when casting, it must have an adequate retrieve rate, some form of clutch mechanism and all the rest of the knobs and whistles that make it fit for purpose. It does not have to be ultra expensive to have all the desired qualities, these can be found on many of the quality Chinese reels now available via Ebay or Aliexpress. Bearing this in mind, why do sums in excess of £100 need to be spent on buying a reel when identical use properties can be found on something costing around half of this sum. Have we got to a stage where if our kit does not have a Designer label it does not bear consideration? Does the expensive end of the reel market consist of many reels either made in China or containing Chinese components that those marketing the reels do not tell the buyer about just like many of the rods now available with that small Made in China sticker on them?
Of course, the problem of choosing a new reel could be totally eliminated by becoming a pole fisherman but then the problem of choice will still prevail.

Same goes for cars. I'm sure everyone could get by with a Dacia, but people still buy Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Ford, BMW, Volvo etc.