Rayne Lodge,Essex. 18/11/01.

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Sep 18, 2001
Hawthorne AC.
Rayne Lodge,Bottom Lake.

1st P Ollerenshaw 22lbs 4ozs
2nd R Noden 11lbs 10ozs
3rd M Davis 11lbs 2ozs
4th P Morton 6lbs 10ozs
5th T Myring 4lbs 0ozs
6th M Austin(Jnr) 3lbs 14ozs

Total weighed in by 18 anglers 70lbs+

Rayne Lodge Fishery is located in the village of Rayne,just off the A120 Chelmsford road.It is comprised of 3 lakes,set on a hillside,Top Middle and Bottom.the venue for this match was the bottom lake which has 30 pegs.It is a long,narrow lake with islands dividing it down the middle,which gives every peg a feature to fish to.The stocking is quite varied with Carp,Carucians,Fantails(which were featured in an AT article)Tench ,Bream,Roach and Gudgeon the mainstay.
18 of us arrived to fish the match,which due to the first frosts in the area,promised to be a real grueller as a lot of colour had dropped out of the water.
Anyway into the drawbag and out comes peg10,On reaching the peg i was faced with about 20 yards of realitivly shallow water to a gap inbetween two islands.On seeing this I decided it was Carp or bust.All i set up was a feeder rod with a small coil feeder with an 18 barbless drennan carp.The groundbait was Sensas Pro Gold to which i added VDE micro pellets and a good squeeze of VDE liquid pellet.
Then it was simply a matter of casting into the gap and awaiting developments,either side of me the anglers had started on the pole,but had only taken a couple of small roach when on the hour the tip slowly pulled round and kept on going.Two minutes later a plump little carp of about 3lb was safe in the net,leaving me feeling a lot better.in the next hour i had two more,and then not another bite for the remainder of the match.
As can be seen from the results,the fishery did not do itself justice on the day,but i am sure this was due to the sudden drop in temperature and a sudden influx of rainwater the previous day.Certainly it is a venue that the club will be returning to next season,as we know that it has the potential to throw up some excellent weights especialy in the summer.
As a footnote, Congratulations to Paul Ollerenshaw,who with his winning weight today became the first angler in the history of the club to weigh in over 500lbs during the course of a season .

The next match of the season is the Fur & Feather,on the Medway at Yalding on the 9th December.


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Aug 8, 2001
Excellent Peter,

And I see you're up there again in the top 5. At this rate I'll be coming to you for some lessons

Regards, Dave
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