Rayne Lodge,Essex. 02/06/2002

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Sep 18, 2001
Hawthorne AC.
Rayne Lodge,Bottom Lake.

1st Malcolm Smith 58lbs 10ozs
2nd D Corneille 55lbs 3ozs
3rd TG Payne 53lbs 3ozs
4th Mark Smith 48lbs 12ozs
5th Mike Davis 32lbs 10ozs
6th P Ollerenshaw 26lbs 10ozs

Total weighed in by 17 anglers 395lbs 4ozs

Rayne Lodge Fishery is located in the village of Rayne,just off the A120 Chelmsford road.The fishery comprises of 3 lakes,set on a hillside,Top Middle and Bottom.the venue for this match was the bottom lake which has 28 pegs.It is a long,narrow lake with islands dividing it down the middle,which gives every peg a feature to fish to.The stocking is quite varied with Carp,Crucians,Fantails(which were featured in an AT article)Tench ,Bream,Roach and Gudgeon the mainstay.

The 3rd club match of the season,and yet again a rather dissapointing turn out (17 anglers)Perhaps not surprising with it being the Jubilee Bank Holiday & Englands opening World Cup match.
The weather was absolutly scorching and a lot of fish only seemed interested in playing mummies & daddies!
However with an average of 23lbs a man,and no dry nets a decent days fishing was had by all those that attended.
The top three weights came from adjacent pegs and were comprised mainly of carp caught on pole and waggler.
Hard luck story of the day must go to Mike Davis,who having landed
a large carp (15lbs+)right at the death,could only watch in stunned amazement as it flipped out of his landing net and back into the lake as he tried to put it into his keepnet.

The next club match will be at Falkenville Mushroom Farm on 23 June.


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