Quick session at Charity Farm Sat 15th

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Apr 12, 2008
Hello everyone,

I decided to have a quick session at charity farm last weekend. Woke up and took gf to work then went and bought some grub and a new flask[:T]

Got to Charity about 11:00. Went to pond 1 and found it rather full. I set my bag down on a peg and got hissed at quite ferociously by a pair of canadian geese - they did have chicks with them so perfectly understandable [:)] A guy on the next peg remarked how brave I was to choose that peg to which I replied "have they been there all morning" his answer "yep" So I decided to move.

Strange thing happended as I moved though as I had every intention of moving to pond two - as i picked up my bag, people were packing up all over the show. The guy I had spoke to had already told me the pond seemed dead and that only a few bits were coming out

Anyways as I moved round my fav peg opened up. A few trips later (why do I have so much stuff!) and I was set.

I set a line up for 13m on the deck, one for under my feet and a final rig for shallow. Had about 10 mins on the 13m line and not a touch - decided to have a quick brew out my new flask and ping a few pellets out.

I saw a couple of swirls so set up ay 13m up in the water bout 12inches deep with a small blob and a banded pellet. I used the "tapping the water and swinging the banded pellet round and round to create some noise" technique [:D]

After a few minutes my 13H Preston elastic was being pulled all over the show - a few minutes later - the first fish of the session - a common bout 4lb

Straight back out and BANG, im in again! This continued and rewarded me with 12 carp in all ranging from about 3 - 5lb in weight plus a decent tench (what was he doinh up in the water!) of an easy 3lb by 3:00pm

I even had time to have a walk around and check the other ponds out. It appeared as though I was the only one catching on the pond although I did see a few come out which is always a great feeling

A little lad set up next to me with his Dad and I think I had 4 while he was setting up. He seemed keen to know how I was catching and so I decided to give him a few banded pellets and also my blob rig for him to use when I left

A great afternoon and some cracking fish![:W][:D][8D]
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May 4, 2006
Good write up and nice to hear Charity,s fishing a bit. Hope the youngster had a cpl to make his day out and nice of u to help him mate .


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Oct 28, 2009
we fished pond 4 AGAIN sat with a fish a chuck from the off, loads of skimmers, hybrids with the odd roach an tench[:D][:D]

dry nets

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Feb 26, 2005
I used the "tapping the water and swinging the banded pellet round and round to create some noise" technique
respect dude[:T]
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