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Sep 18, 2001
With this new format for the forum It's now possible to publish your blog onto this part of the forum.

The Blog Spot is now set up so that Threads can't be replied to other than by the original thread starter,

To demonstrate this I'll be putting my blog "My Fishing Diaries" on here starting from the first entry from 2002.

if anyone wants to do similar feel free to give it a try, Start your own thread/blog and start from scratch or you can just copy/paste entries from an existing blog hosted elsewhere and take it from there.(y)

If you have your own Blog hosted elsewhere, you can copy and paste the contents into your own Blog on Maggotdrowners

The advantages of hosting your Blog on the Maggotdrowners Forum are:
  • It's Free - no charges involved
  • Extensive post editor, page formatting, link embedding, etc
  • Ability to copy and paste content from other Blogs and WordPress you might have
  • Simple Image and Video embedding - simply drag and drop or paste links
  • A ready made audience of over 22,000 members
  • Take advantage of our server side Search Engine Optimisation to get your Blog listed in the search engines
  • You have control over your blog, edit and delete, only you can post, members can contact you and 'Like' your blogs
  • It'll be here for as long as we're here, no risks of disappearing overnight or the hosting company going down