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Sep 22, 2020
Brilliant response from Gert Jr. There are those who can and will put themselves out to help others and the vast majority who will idly stand by or ignore the plight of a fellow human. Remember, one day YOU will need help!
God knows how many bones I have broken, how many severe cuts I have sustained over the years. When I was 10 years old I was fishing the free stretch in Otley next to the old Monobond factory. I didn't have wellies so I took by shoes off and walked out in the water only to stand on a broken bottle. The base of the bottle was stuck in the sole of my foot with blood pouring out into the water. I was alone, not a soul within sight or earshot so I had to clamber up the bank, glass still impaled in my foot to the roadside. Frantically waving my arms to stop a car I was ignored, then a ambulance came into sight, thank god I thought, they will stop... Nope, they drove straight on by despite me crying, waving like mad and standing in a pool of blood. The car following did stop however and seeing the damage they rushed me to Wharfedale hospital. I passed out in the car and remember nothing until I woke in LGI with my parents looking over me. I had managed to tell the couple my home phone number before blacking out and once at the hospital they had called my folks.

Going above and beyond they even drove back to where I had been fishing and collected my gear!

I had apparently severed my pedis artery and blacked out due to blood loss. If it was not for that couple stopping I could well have died and you lot would not be reading the mickey taking between me and Mrs Munch.

First aid, everyone needs to know the basics. It should be taught at school, but in todays society of blame and claim I fear most are unwilling to put themselves forward for fear of litigation.
I have done advanced first aid but fortunately the only person I have to administer any kind of advanced aid to is myself... I'm a little bit clumsy at times...


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Dec 26, 2019
This has prompted me to maybe retake my first aid course 👍
Well done to the young lady!

I really should retake mine, I still remember the basics (also the ex was a trauma nurse so was told the latest ideas); but "fashions" change in knowledge regarding medical advice - i remember everytime i retook it there was a different take on Breaths to Compressions in CPR (i have no idea what the form is now)

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Mar 29, 2015
Thank you all for yer kind words, she is well Chuffed (y) She's just about to leave as she is back at that particular surgery today, fingers Crossed for good news on the old Fella (y)(y)


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Jan 19, 2013
Held first aid certification for 27 years - been trained for 38.
Scouts, army cadets, army, first aid at work.
When something happens the training kicks in - you almost do not think.
Its the after effects that get you when the adrenaline backs off and you start thinking again.

Well done to your daughter - not many want to get involved in real life these days - just face book!