Proposed Format of Fish to Win 2011 National

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Jun 3, 2009
Here is the proposed format of Fish to Win 2011 National Championships giving a prize fund of 100,000

Regional Matches

The six regions are as follows:

North East
North West
South East
South West

Each region will have 4 matchs and you have to fish all four. (No single match entry allowed)

Payouts at each Match is as follows:

1st = 1,000
2nd = 750
3rd = 500
4th = 200

Sections 50 to each section winner (Ten Anglers per section)

Weight League

Your weights from each match are added together to give the regional champion.

The regional Champion also receives 1,000

The top three anglers from each region with the highest weight after all four matches qualify for the National Final.

National Final

Three anglers from each region qualify for the National Final making it an eighteen peg match.

The Prize fund in the final is 25,600 split as follows:

1st = 10,000
2nd = 5,000
3rd = 2,000
4th = 1,000

All other Anglers from 5th to 18th receive 500 each

Biggest Fish in the Final 600


The cost to enter is estimated to be 260 which pays for the following:

Entry into the four regional matches
Pools and Payouts for the Regional Matchs
Pegging Fees
Trophies for the Regional Winners
Payouts for the Final
Trophies for the Final
T-Shirts and Fleeces for the Finalists
Breakfast for the Finalists
Plus all the other costs associated with putting on the event.

There will be no additional monies to pay.

Entry to Competition

Entry to the competition will be on a first come first served basis via the website.

Help & Suggestions

This is your competition run by anglers for anglers so we ask for your help, suggestions and comments and ask for you to please complete the following form on the fish to win website.


John Bell
Tel : 020 8599 2285
Mob : 07724 841722
Email :


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Jun 3, 2009
I've listened to everyone about the entrance fee and can reduce it to 180 (25 per match plus 20 pools per match) by revising the payouts and spreading the money around.

So here goes:

Payouts per round/match in region::

Match Winner gets 1000

Then payout in sections.

1st in Section 150
2nd in Section 100
3rd in Section 80
4th in Section 50
5th in Section 40

The regional winners get 1000

Final Payouts

1st 10,000
2nd 5,000
3rd 2,000
4th 1,000
5th to 18th 500 each

This gives 40,080 to the regions being 6,680 per region and 25,000 for the final and everyone in the final will pick up at least 500

I think that works better as it's more affordable to enter and 50% of the field get a payout on the day.

Please let me know your thoughts on the payout structure.

We now just need to sort out how people qualify for the final.



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Jun 3, 2009
I would like to thank everyone who has given input, made suggestions, asked questions etc for the National Series in 2011.

The main points raised were as follows:

* Cost to Enter
* Having to Fish four matches in a region and the anglers availability to Fish all Four could reduce numbers.
* Points or Weight League and which would be best or fairest way and still keep everyone interested
* First passed the post.
* Run it like the current series as it works well.

So therefore from everything received I have come up with the following for The Fish to Win National Series to be along the same guidelines as the existing Fish to Win series.

24 Qualifiers (4 qualifiers in each of the 6 Regions)
2 Semi Finals (North & South) (North = Midlands, North East & North West) (South = Eastern, South East & South West and Wales)
1 Final

The winner in each regional match qualify automatically for the Final.
Those who come 2nd and 3rd plus the Section Winners qualify for the Semi Finals.
The Winners of the Semi Finals Qualify for the Final.
Making it a 26 peg Final.

The final would have a total prize fund of 30,000

The final payouts will be as follows:

1st 10,000
2nd 5,000
3rd 3,000
4th 2,000
5th 1,500
6th 1,200
7th 1,000
8th 900
9th 800
10th 600

11th to 26th 250 each

The cost to enter will be 25 per match plus optional pools on the day.


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Aug 11, 2001

1 question will anglers be limited to just 1 region or will they be allowed to enter 2 regions (depending on non clash of dates).?


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Jun 3, 2009
Hi Malc,

You can enter as many matches as you like, and none of the dates should clash.

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