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Sep 18, 2001
Hi all, I've edited this thread to bring it back to the top.
I have also removed a number of replies (welcomes,jokes etc) to bring it back to the subject.
Any new members who would like to expand on their profiles,Feel free to post away

Hi all,
I'm quite happy to admit that this is an idea that i've nicked from another board,but it seems to have had quite a good response,so lets give it a go.The idea being to flesh out your profile and give everyone a better idea of who is who.
I suppose i may as well get the ball rolling.......


Peter Morton.born 1954 in Chelsea.
I have been married to my good lady Maria for 21 years,and we live in Sydenham,SE London
I am an avid supporter of Chelsea FC (this used to betray masochistic tendancies, but I'm loving it now [:D])
I have worked in the Motor Trade for 30 years, and am presently employed at Lexus Park Lane,in Mayfair.
Started fishing aged 6 (thanks mum)First fish a gudgeon.

Joined first club in 1968 when Penge AC was formed,and won the first match (beating all the seniors).I also won the last match before the club folded 15 years later!
Ive drifted in and out of club & Team fishing over the years and presently find that most of my matches are those that are organised in one form or another by the MD's website and its members.
I even own a couple of carp rods and bivvie and have been known to do the odd weekend session (not really my thing though). I still get the same buzz though from catching a fish (any fish) that i did when i first started all those years ago.[:D]

I have been involved with Maggotdrowning since September 2001 and as a Moderator since 2002 and have enjoyed watching the site go from strength to strength.
I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of the members at various MD's fish-ins and matches round the country that i've attended, and look forward to meeting many more of you in the years to come.

Individual Champion 2005 [:D]
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the bouncer
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Aug 11, 2001
quote:posted by Peter Morton
.Have to say the whole experience has proved to be very pleasant so far

Don't worry about it mate we can soon change that

Alan Fawcett born 11/4/72
Stafford (still here)

Just started working at a fuel station after being told i was no longer needed at my last job on the friday before xmas.

Been fishing for as long as i can remember (thatnks mum,dad,grandad,grandma, the pope,HM the queen, etc etc (insert crying sounds here)

Ex-wife destroyed everything to do with fishing, but gave me three excellent lads.
She ran off with my (ex) best mate
Married Dian in Gretna Green two years ago
Two daughters with her & the best part of it is she loves fishing as much as i do.
Not a lot to add really

Just watch out cos i'm about n when i ain't fishin i'm here watchin so if you behave you'll be ok but if you mess about i'll throw you right out

You've just been moderated

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Jan 19, 2002
Newt Vail - Concord, North Carolina, USA which for any geography impared folks is on the Eastern US Coast about half way down. I am 58 this month. Born in Washington D.C. in 1945.

Computer Network Administration by trade at this point. Retired US Coast Guard in 1991.

Fish almost exclusively from my 17ft boat /w 50Hp Merc outboard. Boat will run about 32mph which makes it great on small to medium lakes. If I ever fish a big lake, I rent a larger, faster boat. Mine just isn't designed for big water.

Lure angling for preds by choice. No pike down here - too far south and too warm for them. Largemouth bass mostly.

Also do the occasional bit of carping or catfishing. Still from the boat since there are no roads to most of the good places where I fish. With 3 anchors out I can remain pretty still so it works great.

Fishing since age 2 (thanks Dad - Mom hated it). Carping for only the past 2 years or so. I honestly didn't know you could target carp until I happened on a US bbs that was carp & catfish. I was looking for catfish info.

Wife loves to fish too but only if we are moving. She can't stand the bait & wait style so if I go for carp/catfish, she stays home. Lure flinging and she will stay out all day with me.

Happened across a Brit angling BBS a little over a year ago. Have learned a bunch about the UK and angling over there. Interesting stuff.

Have 9 kids - youngest 2 are 21. Have 8 grands unless I mis-counted somehow which is possible.

Newt Vail


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Aug 8, 2001
Oh gawd I hate this sort of stuff being a shy, reserved type

Dave Webster, launched May 6th 1961, upgraded to Angler status 12 years later, fished for the Leeds Juvenile National Squad then the Intermediate Team as Captain, kicked Ivan Mark's butt in a big Trent open

Started a career in Fish farm and fishery management, obtaining qualifications at Sparsholt College, left the business into self employment, merged with the missus, expanded the Webbo empire with two little Webbo's, sold business for easier life in engineering. Still there but in second company.

Got into the 'net a few years back, started just messing about last winter, launched it Feb 12th 2001, fish when-ever I can,..... can I stop now

So c'mon, I've done it so now it's your turn


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Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001
Geoff Palmer, 55 in February. As those of you who met me at Stafford will tell you I am a quiet unassuming person, and a teetotaller. beer-toast1.gif

I originate from Battle in East Sussex but have lived in various parts of Europe, during time in Army, and all over the UK since. I moved to South Wales in 1997 to obtain a job. Now work as a Quality Administrator for a Company, which manufactures multi layer, heat shrinkable barrier bags for the meat and cheese Industry. (And God that is a mouthful).

Caught the fishing bug when I was a young lad, fishing a feeder stream to a local reservoir, catching brown trout, perch and eels.

I dont mind what I catch now. (A fish is a fish is a fish). The joy is being on the bank. I prefer to use the pole but I am equally cr** whichever method I use.

I will admit I have now got another hobby, which is keeping in contact with all you guys on this site, quite the best fishing site I think. And long may it continue. blahblah.gif thumbsup.gif

If it swims, catch it.

Dai Fish

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Dec 23, 2001
OK my turn name David Thomas born at a very early age on the 11 feb 1960 still live in the street that I was born in Pontygwaith, Rhondda South Wales, married to Ann for 16 years I have 4 children ranging in age 22,19,14 and 12 the first two boys are the only good thing to come out of a v/bad first marrage the second two are my daughter who is 14 going on 30 and my youngest son and only other angler of my tribe. I started sea fishing in the late 60s early70s which carried on until I became disabled in 1987 and could no longer walk to the marks i had always fished stoped fishing for a number of years which I hated, bought some cheap course gear about 5 years ago but due to poor health only managed to fish a handful times (only once in 2000) until 2001 when I started in ernest I know fish at every opertunity and hate this bad weather that we are having as it means I cant get to fish, some of you I know from a previous fish-in those of you I have not met i very much hope to meet you soon

Dai Fish


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Aug 11, 2001
I hate this sort of thing but here goes.

My name is Malc Doyle 37yrs 38yrs old. Married Julie(hates fishing) in 1987 got 2 girls Gemma 13 14(loves fishing)given it up now and CJ 5 7(just starting to fish).

And now a little boy as well born 20/9/02.

Born in Reading and bought up fishing the Kennet/Thames and Gravel Pits.

Been an angler since i was 5 or 6. Fished my first match at the age of 8.

Captained Reading & District Juniors in the nationals for 4 yrs.
Mainly match fish be it club/opens or just knockups but also enjoy pleasure fishing.

The thing i enjoy most about fishing laterly though is watching Gemma improve in her ability and the look on the faces of senior club members when she stuffs them. (now it's crystal's turn)

Moved to Rugby in 1988 (i think), most of my fishing now is spent on the commercials and canals, just commercials now but my real love is trotting a stick float down a steady glide.

Thats enough about me.

Blue = update on 30/07/03
Red = update on 7/10/02

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paul mc

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Jan 14, 2002
Hi all
my names paul mc nally
I was born in 1972, im from liverpool(still live there). I am an avid liverpool fan(season ticket holder).I live with my girlfriend Evonne who is not verry understanding of fishing but i dont care cos she wil never stop me lol.
I have been fishing now for about 20 years(about 15 serious years).Not caught that many big fish but my favourite is a 10Lb barbel,PB 13lb common.I normally fish lakes and ponds for tench, but i do goto rivers whenever possible for barbel chub and grayling.(about once/twice a month)
I am also in 3 clubs one that has coach trips every other sunday to diferent venues all over england so i have tried and fished most methods(not caught on them all) and have fished a lot of different venues.
I am also into cars(sad in it) and music MP3's in particular.
I am service engineer which involves working on industrial compressor's(gas and air) and turbo machinery.(high speed compressor's and expanders).
Hope this helps build a better picture of me
I think that life is to short to worry about and take serious.

Regards Paul Mc


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Aug 19, 2001
Mat, 28, derive from Essex, but now live in Rugby, Warwickshire. Spent my life with fish so far from working in fishing tackle shops to trout farming in surrey, salmon farming in Scotland etc etc. Initially qualified at Sparsholt College in 1993 (same place as our leader) and just recently furthered my knowledge by graduating from the University of Plymouth in June 2000. Recently turned down a scholarship to do a masters degree at Stirling University as I suppose Doc Mat would be my next target if I could take more education. Well my brothers a Doc, albeit doctor of physics, so I need to match him lol.

Starting fishing when I was 8 by becoming a member of Woodford angling club, which I continued to do until the age of 15. Started to fish for British groundbaits then moved on to Guildford angling centre (soon to be sovereign match group). Fairly successful, but fell out with the captain as I was dropped because I didnt attend a Wednesday practice match (I had an exam at college at the same time). That was the last time I ever fished for a team!! Unfortunately I rarely get a chance to fish at the moment, in fact I havent been for over a year, and havent been seriously for nearly 5. Im sure Ill get the old futron out (easy chaps, no need to laugh, it was state of the art back then) and have a dangle. The canals around me just give no inspiration!! Oh well back to work. Reports to write then off to Scotland as the fools are draining 5 miles of the Forth and Clyde canal!! Why didnt they do it in October?



david platt

Jan 27, 2002
Hi All,
Well Ive got across the yorkshire Border by Stealth just to confound them two yorkshire jess/lads who run this site.
My names David Platt married to Barbara live in Bury two grown up sibs
lad Chris, 35 Girl Rachael 27, I am very much into fishing,like Shooting ( target ) and DIY work as a lgv driver looking forwards to
retiring very much, very good sense of humour :) and also drive a rather wicked Rover Metro :D Next bit is not easy for me, but Ill
admit that I have met most of you :I Still we all have our cross to bare
see you all at elvington I Hope.



Jan 22, 2002
Well might as well fill this in as well < good idea Peter> nickname mookie but real name Ian Mascall, mookie was due to my fave book as a youngster...fuffy rabbit called mook.....l know trogglet will have something to say about that.....age with my partner Sharron been together 10 years on the 21st Sept 2002...we have a 3 year old daughter called Alisha....
Lived in Middlesbrough for near 25 years, but moved to Darlington last April due to work,l work for our local council on temporary contracts doing gardening work during the cutting season....
Been fishing since l was 17 on and off but recently in the past few years decided to have a real go at it....enjoy most aspects of fishing feeder fishing a fave but going to try and master the pole in the coming seasons...also enjoy swingtip fishing but most people dont use them anymore...find it brilliant for roach and skimmers fishing on lakes....
I also support Middlesbrough FC someone has too....and l am a a very keen for you trogg study and rear butterflies and moths at home.....hope to see some of you sometime, this is a great site Dave...if any members live near Darlington get in touch ok............Mook

PS.Forgot to mention, l am a avid heavy rock fan as well....

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Sep 20, 2001
My real name is Giles, and I live in south wales. I am 36 years old, been married before but got let off for good behaviour. I have a degree in economics and spent the last two years studying for my PhD but due to having the equivalent of George and Zippy as supervisors, I am submitting for my Masters in Philosophy shortly.

I am a match angler but I tend to travel to the midlands to do most of my fishing these days as the south wales match scene is non-existent. My only motivation these days is to try and break as many match records as I can, but I am not going to list them here. I prefer to fish carp venues in the summer but I enjoy any sort of fishing really. I hate team fishing unless I have the choice of who I fish with and I tend to steer clear of carp venues in the winter unless there are silver fish matches on the venue. Given the choice, I prefer to fish the waggler for carp as you can get them out a lot quicker than the pole.

I am sponsored individually which helps with the cost of match fishing and I am looking for work as a lecturer at the moment. I have made two videos this year, one on chopped worm fishing and another on waggler fishing for carp.


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Jan 9, 2002

Real name: - Wayne Roberts

Marital status: - Married

Children: - 2

Age: - 39 (going on two, so the wife says)

Occupation: - Machine tool setter, for Sharp electronics

I was born in Conwy, North Wales where I spent the next 17 years of my life. I moved to a village called Glan Conwy situated on the other side of the Conwy River and stayed there until I met my wife Debbie, we now live in Colwyn Bay.

We have been married for he last 13 years (spooky!) and have two beautiful children, David age 6 and Bethan age 3.

I fished three times a week until David arrived then other things took priority over fishing; David has Downs Syndrome which restricted my spear time as you can imagine.

Its been great meeting all of you good people on this web site, and as time goes on I hope to meet many more of you!

Im looking forward to Izaak Waltons and to Elvington so we can chat blahblah.gif and blow the froth off a couple of beers... beer-toast1.gif


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Aug 11, 2001
Garry Sutcliffe born on the 7/9/86 live in Leeds,
bin fishin 2 years Seriously 1st went fishing when i was 10 i hated it
thats was in Majorca i didnt catch ought like, then when i was like 12 my mate said do you wanna come fishing so i said oright i rang my uncle up to see if he would lend me any tackle so he gave me it all lol 3 dawia rids 2 Shimano Reel stuff like that it took me a long while before my 1st fish that was a little roach. my Pb
2+ Roach and Perch
3+ mirror
1+ chub
some big gudgeon
i usally go fishing every time get chance i go up to Wheatsheaf and catch some big bags of roach and occaisional big perch.
I goto the leeds and liverpool canal alot but i havent caught ought this year ive had 1 fish on all year and it was a big carp at yeadon Tarn. so i havent caught ought big so far but i am latre on this year when i go with myexperienced cousin.




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Sep 29, 2001
My name is Keith and live in Milton Keynes.39 years old and work for Coca Cola.
My passion is angling and has been for well over 30 years.I have had reasonable success on the club match scene and now only tend to fish for the works team or small knock ups between friends.The club scene became very clique and as such such pulled out of team fishing as well.
Looking forward to Malc's Summer league this year as we can fish different waters to the norm.I fish mainly carp waters and rivers although i have some successes on canals the appeal is dwindling.


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Dec 31, 2001
i thought i posted this before... anyway
im 14 and have been fishing for about 6 years. i do a bit of match fishing, but i am not in a club. in a few months i should get into the local cub due to waiting lists. my best junior match result so far is 4th. i started fishing on commercials and have done all my fishing life, only fished a river 4 times, cos there are no good rivers near me, and there are no canals at all!



'The Minx'
Jan 21, 2002
My name is Gemma Doyle.
I was born 3/11/88 (13yrs).
Born in Reading Berkshire and now live in Rugby Warwickshire.
Been fishing since i was 8 or 9 and in that time i have fished 2 junior open matches and won them both.
I am a member of 2 fishing clubs and fish with the seniors as there are no other junior members.
I have even managed to win a couple and beat all the seniors.
What i class as my best match performance is when dad and me done 1st and 2nd, dad won with 30lb 2oz and i was second with 27lb 4oz of small carp.
Biggest pole caught Carp is 9lb 15oz.
Biggest Bream is 3lb 12oz.
Favourite venues are Holly Farm (Gils Lake),Drayton Res,Borough Hill and anywhere else that i can catch fish from.
One of my favourite pleasure sesions was at Holly Farm (Gils) when i caught 14lb in 3hrs with no fish over 8oz.


Dec 4, 2001
hi my names Alan John Degville (nicknameLarry) I'm a a soul&country music,sci-fi reading,netsurfing cable tv watching,beerdrinking,sexmad,fisherman who is56yrs old& been married to Judy for 31 yrs got three offspring Lee 27,Marie,23&Craig 18 also a grandaughter of 4yrs.I'm a CNC Machining Centre Engineer i live in Redditch Worcestershire.Didn't reallly get into fishing till late about 28 yrs of age when they started a fishing club a the place i used to work at.Most of my fishing been done on Lodge Park Pool my local club with occasional sorties to local river's.Ifish for for anything i can catch,i don't match fish anymore just pleasure fish now.I'm a proper tackle tart & buy any new thing i think will help me catch more fish but it seldomm doe's ,as most fishing tackle is made to catch the Angler &not the fish.But can't help my self buying new fishing tackle. Iv'e met a few of you at the stafford fish in & hope to meet more of you at future fishin's/dayouts etc.

Cheer's Larry


05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
After reading the ZIPPY CURSE posts lol Malc and Dave (forgot to tell you its catching!) I think (shy as I am) I'd better do this, but as with all Zippy things!! Differently!

On June 25th 1876 Colonel Custer beacame immortalised as a Religious man, A Sea Angler and a student of the Group sex practices of the N.American indiginous population!

How? Well at the Battle of Little Big Horn, his last remark was reputedly
"Holy Mackerel!!! Thousands ans thousands of F-----g Indians"!

What has this to do with me and the shape of my life?

Well 71 years later on the exact same 25th June, but now the classic 1947 bad winter year, I came, late, struggling and annoyed, into the world.
I was happy where I was and it has been said that, for most of my life,(including 3 wives), I have been trying to get back!

The significance of June 25th is this-
It is the furthest day possible to be in a Calender year from the Christian Religion most Holy day of the birth of Jesus on Dec 25th!
What chance have I? The Devil claims me for his own, but the much stronger power of love and goodness, strives to redress the sinner, so I have an inborn uncanny ability to stumble from ecstasy to crisis at the drop of a hat. I have had the most wonderful of lives and at the same time experienced disasters that make powerful and strong men wince!
When things are going Great, I have a quiver in the bowel, knowing my old friend Disaster is around the corner!

To cut it short (OK lol Shorter)
Trevor Manning, Only Child of Dolly and Jack, born of the finest parents in the world (Gods balance fo the birth date)
Educated pre Wilsons Comprehensive System at a Grammar School to an excellent Standard (Upside), Spoilt , Opinionated and Headstrong,so as the allowable school leaving age was 15 in those days, was the only child out of a year group of 120 to exercise my freedom and take the option (downside)
Lied about having 10 'O' levels and 7 'A' levels to every subsequent employer and was never queried lol!

After a succession of free moving, well paid manual jobs in the swinging sixties, inc factory work,building sites, an unforgettable series of 14 day North Sea Trawling trips etc., I decided at 19 to enter selling as a career.

Married 1st time at 19 (What did I know), I was a father at 20, father of 3 at 23! (last 2 just 11 months apart,hadnt even healed!)a house owner of a 5 bedroomed detached house, 1 mile from the Trent at Gunthorpe and a Newly promoted (Toungest ever manager) for a large UK Office Equipment Supplier!

Enter the Zippy curse!

Started up a Game Company in 1973, totally unrelated to all my training, but I loved Shooting and was gonna show the World!
Within 3 weeks of me starting the Company, Ted Heath and the miners had a set too, the 3 day week hit Britain! I had contracted to buy game from Prince Richard of Gloucester! The Spencers at Althorp Park (Althorp, NOT Althrop as the dyslexic news reporter has consigned it to history!) and many other large UK Estates.
Hired 8 full time and 12 6-10pm evening bird processors, mortgaged a factory, cars and employed drivers!

Struggled through til April in this unbelieveably bad period and eventually nearly lost eveything,but did lose wife 1 lol.

Wife 2 , just happened to be an 18 year old girl, who joined me in the October of my disastrous adventure, as a Secretary and stayed for 20 damn good years!

The only condition of my divorce was that I kept those 3 great kids (Well I needed the 2 boys as an excuse to go fishing) and as it's turned out, we're still at it together, although we live in 3 different parts of the world!

Went back into Office Equipment and after 8 years was running a third of the UK Sales, covering from Dyfed to my old County of Suffolk, The whole middle slice of England and S.Wales.

Head hunted in 82, I spent the next 8 yesrs running a Nottingham Based Copier /Computer Co. whos claim to fame was supplying the tracking system for Securicors launch of the mobile phone 1st Jan 85.
Part of the deal was that I had 1!!!, the envy of all my friends for many a moon lol, It cost over 1000 to put in your car in those days!

89, kids leaving home, everything GREAT----------- Obvious warnings, but I never heed them!

Decided to take a pub and in May 1990 became the Landlord of The Lord Nelson at Stanion , Nr Corby, Northants.
My wife loved the Customers for the next 2 years!!!
Until I found out about it!lol and Trevor Jr and I (4th child now born 75) decided to try something else!
Went back home to Suffolk and on leaving day, decided to try again with wife 2 (another fatal error) and managed a pub in Lowestoft for 2 years.Still couldnt manage wife! so in 94 returned to Midlands and returned to Copiers and by 96 started my own Company in Alfreton , Derbys.
Married wife 3 Elaine (inherited a daughter of 11 this time) in 95 and was relatively successful until illness hit in 99.
Forced to retire in September 99, for a major operation and aint worked properly since!

The Ziptrev came about,as my name is Trevor and on seeing me with no shirt on after I came home, my daughter said "I guess you're going back in then, if they've put zips in" lol

Fishing has been the saviour of all my tribulations and I honestly feel I am 1 of the luckiest guys you'll ever meet.
I make people smile with the disasters that I stumble into.
I cant ever remember being depressed for long, I've made it, lost it and laughed at both those situations, times many as they say in Derbyshire.

I have had incredible love and warmth showered on me!and I dont deserve the kindness people have shown.
Currently I have software packages zooming in ,cos I mentioned it on this net, I,ve got kit being sent to me and advice for free, that is worth a fortune!

My biggest ever accolade!

My 2nd wifes Mum,Dad, Brother,Sister-in-law and kids, attending my wedding to my 3rd wife, 6 months after the divorce from their girl!
Dont get me wrong, they still love her too, and she,s remarried, but they wanted to retain me as a son/brother -in -law.
I think thats OK.

Well, hopefully that wasn't to boring, not much on my love of fishing, but that comes through every day!
Youve seen, how I started fishing, Something thats always carried me through the rough times.
When Greg and Simon were growing up, I took them every weekend to Mallory Park and to evening matches on a wednesday there.
Every Xmas it was fishing kit and Karen, their sister, tried it, wasn't to keen, but loved to come with us for the picnics! and to act as a recorder, noting times ,weights , species etc.
Really full glorious days!

Perhaps you'll feel for me on June 25th! You can see I never stood a chance lol, but Thank each and everyone of you, for reaching out, sharing your thoughts with me, joining me in this great sport and for all the help,advice and sheer damn laughs!

As Tiny Tim says at the end of Christmas Carol "God Bless us one and all!"

Ziptrev your resident alcoholic2.gif

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Aug 14, 2001
Hi Everyone,

I've been sitting on the sidelines watching and reading whilst both Mrs G. and I have been recouperating from the dreaded flu. Its at times like this when you think about saying goodbye to ol' Blighty and head of to warmer climes.
Anyway, here's a bit about me:

Born in 1940 in a small village called Calverton in Nottinghamshire, the son of a miner. My mother didn't work as such but helped at the house of the local gentle family as they were known.
Met Mrs G. at the age of 18years at a rock'n'roll hop in a Nottingham dance club which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of and married a year later.
We then set up home in nearby Lincoln, moving several years later when my son, John, was born to Goole followed shortly after by my daughter Abby.
Sadly John died as a result of a car accident whilst at the tender age of three and we moved once more partly to leave those memories behind.

Anyway, as they say, life goes on and it has. I started fishing at the age of nine in Hornsea Mere whilst on holiday with my parents and brother and haven't stopped since although it must be at least five weeks since I last went. I can't wait until the warmer weather though as fishing during the cold and gales doesn't really appeal to me.

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