Pro Logic excellent 40 bait feeder reel

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May 16, 2009
Right, I've bought one of these and have managed to have a bash with it so thought I'd report back briefly as I had trouble finding much info on them...

You can find these very cheap on 'the auction site' usually, I think the usually high street RRP is about 45.

It's a 40 sized bait-runner reel with an aluminium body and it feels very well made. It looks quite nice and comes with 2 spools, both aluminium. It has front drag and a rear adjustment for bait-runner tension. Only single handle so that might put some people off, doesn't bother me in the slightest, and not sure if the next size up has double, I think it may have. The bait-runner switch is stainless and adds to the overall feel of quality, and both the bait-runner and the clutch feel really nice and smooth. The bait-runner doesn't make a lot of noise when kicking out line, so you'd definitely need to use an alarm, personally I'd prefer a little more noise like on my Shimano reels as I don't often use an alarm if possible as I tend to fish short sessions and sit next to the reel.

The reel feels very smooth and has 8 bearings in total. I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if I had paid 50 for the reel, I find it looks and feels a lot more classy that a lot of the stuff on the market, and it also comes with a 5 year warranty which is nice :)

All in all I'm very pleased, obviously we'll see how it lasts long term.

Looks - 8/10
Feel - 9/10
Performance - 8/10
Price - 9/10
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