Priory KC back from sleep study

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Aug 11, 2006
Hi All

As promissed, here is my update following my recent sleep study at Papwoth Sleep Clinic

I was admitted on sunday and spent the first night plumbed into an oxygen and pulse monitor with just a simple clip sensor that could clip on any finger. Didnt sleep well as was worried about the test not confirming what I'd described to my GP.

I really should not have worried - during the first night the monitor recorded an average of 82 epsiodes of stopping breathing PER HOUR!!!

This is well above the lower limit to be classed as severe OSA.

Monday I was seen by the consultant to discuss the results and the proposed treatment. Even though I am overweight which can be a contributary factor, the emphasis did not focus on this.

In the afternoon I was provided with a CPAP machine about the size of a shoebox. This contained a small pump that blows air throug a mask to keep the airways open during sleep. I had a couple of sessions just getting used to the sensation and the mask.

Monday nigh I was actively monitored during my sleep, again linked to the oxygen/pulse monitor, but this time also wearing the CPAP mask. During the night the NUrses adjusted the air pressure from the machine until the episodes of non breating no longer happened. For the rest of the night my traces showed an average of less than 1 epsiode per hour. I was more awake for the rest of Tuesday than I have been for over 15 years, an incredible difference.

As the machine has been so effective I was discharged home with it on Tuesday lunchtime.

Last nigh was my first using it at home. I slept well although the continual noise of the machine did disturb my wife, I am going to try and make some sort of muffler for it this afternoon.

Thank you all so much for the comments on my original post - it helped tremendously.

BTW Papworth has a super lake on-site of around an acre with a small island. The fish are incredible as they go after the bread thrown to the ducks.

I swear I saw some ghosties of at least 10lb along with Tench of 5lb plus. they come right upto the shore where the water is so shallow that the fishes'tails come above the water level.

Unfortunately you are not allowed to fish the water

regards to all



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Dec 19, 2005
Nice one Kim,

Takes a bit of getting used to, but, worth it.

Those carp really do fight for the bread



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Nov 28, 2004
I read that TWICE before I realised you weren't saying cr*p machine, but CPAP machine[:I][:D]
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