Pride of Derby - Ully Gulley


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May 30, 2019
Finally got round to using my POD ticket on Saturday and thought i'd go out for 5 hours or so Saturday afternoon / early evening.

Decided to fish Ully Gulley as i thought it looked proper carpy / tenchy.

Complete blank, and on method feeder no less :oops:

I reckon if there are big fish in there it's very sparsely populated, i imagine the bigger fish are often being pilfered to stock the other POD waters.

Anyone else fish a POD ticket? Where would you suggest i fish? It's a shame Poysers pond is float only. I'm not one of these big carpers with the bivvy and 5 rods and 3 days to spare so i'd rather not get under their feet. Just looking for some nice regular sport on my method rod.


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Jan 16, 2019
Myself and @Yuccaman had a few sessions on here years back.
There are definitely some good Tench and Bream in there as I have seen them caught.

I never caught anything from there but it’s a cracking place to fish ?