PrestonPoleFish's way with bread


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Feb 6, 2013
Here is my way with bread, it's pretty different to most peoples approach, enjoy!

For the hookbait and feed I dry out some Warburtons Medium Sliced bread for 3 days before taking of the crusts and running it through a blender,then I put in the freezer for a few hours.Then I take it out to let it thaw and put it back in to the blender.After this I riddle it to get any big lumps out and its ready for use.

For the hook I take the crusts off,roll it out flat with a rolling pin and microwave it for 15 seconds,this makes it really robust.On the bank I store my hooker bread in a plastic bag and cover my bait bowl containing the feed with a towel,this is really important because if it gets wet it will not form a ball.

Feeding wise this is where 95% get it wrong,most anglers feed a big ball of bread punch straight from the bag, and end up doing more damage than they could imagine.Initially they will get a few fish, but its like tipping in a pint of maggots and then to add to it! If you do this the swim will die.

If target species was bream you would generally feed a big cup then fishing it out and not topping up.

However,however for catching big bags of canal roach feeding little and often can work much better.Accuracy is key,not easy at distance, this method can be devastatingly applied when feeding by hand at a maximum of 4 or 5 meters, but the accuracy will suffer because of the small size of feed that you are feeding by hand, so a small Cad pot on the end of your pole is best for really accurate feeding.

For really big weights, 3 or 4 meters to hand is deadly for roach.Many anglers fish at about 7 or 8 meters thinking that the water is too clear but that is where many of the fish are.

For roach it pays to fish on top and bottom of the near shelf in the deeper water, however when you catch on top of the shelf it can be quicker and a real big bag can be achieved. Other times you may have to catch down or alternate between the two. Obviously you can feed across the canal and on Roach dominated boundaries I will again adopt a little and often approach with a small Cad pot,although if there are any skimmers about then I will consider feeding a tangerine sized ball across and fishing over it without topping up.

But for the roach, it is little and often if you want a big bag!You have to be careful because bread is a very filling bait and even if you are feeding very small amounts you have to be extremely careful not to fill them up.

So for the rigs I use 0.11 Preston Powerline mainline to an 0.9 bottom of the same line.Float choice is important for punch fishing and I like to use the Preston PT 4's in 0.2gr to 0.6gr depending on depth.The shotting pattern is simply spread shot in the bottom 3rd of the rig set 2 inches apart above a 6 inch bottom,this gives a natural drop. Using this shotting pattern means that I can have various types of presentation to induce bites if the going gets tough, such as holding the rig still against the tow or edging it through, almost popping the punch into the fishes mouth.To finish off the rig I use a size 20 or 22 Preston PR 333 hook which has a nice fine wire but will still deal with any bonus skimmers and perch.

For the lines on an average canal peg of about 15 meters wide I would fish 3 lines:

-1 line on top of the near shelf at around 3 meters.

-1 line at the bottom of the near shelf at around 5 meters.

-1 line over to the bottom of the far shelf at around 11m.

When I am fishing a match with several lines on other baits like maggots and bloodworm I will nearly always have a short line on the punch.
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