Preston Supera waggler 13' float rod 3-10 grams.


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Jul 11, 2018
I've used this rod a few times in anger now, and love the bloody thing. What I like in a light match rod is lightness (as I hold mine rather than use a rest) crispness in the strike, and a good fish playing action. This rod has all that but also looks really sexy too. Yesterday I was fishing a lake with a strong tow, at about 20 meters 2.5 gram waggler shotted well down, wind behind me. 5lb main line 3lb hook-link. Catching some nice small bream (male with spawning barnacles on the noses) at about 3lb, then along came something else. 20 minutes later I landed a stunning 16lb carp.

I've not been having much luck of late, but this fish on such light gear really made my day. Its clearly not designed for such big fish, but I would feel comfortable with F1s and small carp to maybe 6lb. A wonderful silver rod for winter. 5 star for me. We often get asked about float rods, well if you have the budget this should be in on your check-list guys. Update blog at the weekend with some pictures and script of the day.