Preston Pro Type 100 13m Pole


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Aug 26, 2019
I had a good look round before investing in this.
Whgen trying it out in the tackle shop I was immediately impressed with it, even at full length there was little to no sag in the tip, and the balance was great, it fel light as a feather.
I paid £365 for mine from Poingdestres in Southampton, the lad who served me couldn't have been more helpful, for anther £100 you can get the Pro Type 200, but the only difference from what I could see was a top two cupping kit and cups.

On getting it home, it had as promised two sidepulla roller system fitted it two of the top two kits, fitting the elastic was a doddle, the other top 2 was a power set with no pulla system.

Used it for the first time catching some skimmers and and carp to 5lb, may should have used a stronger elastic, but the pole performed well and lived up to expectaions, the side pulla working really well.

Even though it is light the pole is still stiff, the 5lb fish putting hardly any curve in the top three sections when playing them.

Could have spent a lot more, but for me I don't think I could have got a better pole, can't wait to try it out again.

The pole also comes with a butt extention, tubes for the pole and top kits, all in holdall with shoulder strap.