Preston offbox 36 snaplock feeder arms.

Battered both sides

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Mar 23, 2021
Evening gents. Anyone got one of these, either the long or the short version? I fish both commercials & the tidal River Yare so am wondering if the shorter model would be long enough for my river trips when using a 12ft rod pointing up in the air.
I'd go for the longer version but they are supposed to be 160cm long which means it probably wouldn't quite fit in my Preston 160cm hardcase single rod holdall (I like to travel light when I can't park be park behind my peg) plus the long ones are out of stock everywhere.

I've just upgraded to a Preston box from my old Rive version with its Octoplus legs & Octoplus feeder arm. The Octoplus arm measures somewhere in between the two Preston ones.
Any (sensible) advice would be much appreciated. 👍


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Feb 3, 2019
I’ve got the short one, the longest rod I’ve used it with was 10ft otherwise I use the pro rest which isn’t as easy to attach but it’s more stable with 12&13’ rods when fishing at distance.