Preston off Box wheel kit.


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Nov 28, 2020
Seen in another post that the Preston off box wheel kit didn’t fit the Preston inception seat box and needed a modification to fit. Does anyone know if this been rectified? Also If so, does the wheel kit fit the korum S23 chair? The width of the legs is the same but not front to back, but it looks like this depth may be adjustable? I know the legs are square on on the chair and round on the box, but the good thing with Preston is you can buy the inserts to allow correct figment.
I currently trolley using a Ngt one which is good but heavy and cumbersome, I’ve recently had a seizure and won’t be driving for at least a year, so thinking of getting a wheel kit as this will take up less space, and will be cleaner in the car boot of anyone that’s kind enough to give me a lift, it also allows the option of box or chair.