Preston Ignition Rods


Oct 19, 2020
There was a new range of Preston rods announced during their new product launch a few weeks ago. Aimed at the value for money market these new rods look to hold an extremely attractive price range of £50 - £70.

Carp Feeder - 9/10/11ft
Method Feeder - 12ft
Pellet Waggler - 10/11ft

I read somewhere that the aim with this range was to replace their 'Tyson' rods, which even by their own admissions weren't very successful. So an improvement on 'not all that' isn't really much to shout about but I'd hope a firm like Preston would see and improve massively on any short comings for a replacement, even though its the entry level set of rods.

I quite like the look of them and even if they aren't "Absolutely purrrrrfect" I'm still looking forward to receiving mine.

List here, unfortunately not too many technical specs: Preston Ignition Rods

Expected release date is any time soon (mid-Nov) so what does everyone think we can expect from them?


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Sep 18, 2001
Those Tyson rods were so poor that Des Shipp used the 9ft to win himself £25000 at the Parkdean Final last year when he could have used any of the rods in the Preston range. ? ?