Preston GXR3000 pole

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Aug 18, 2008
I have had mine for coming up to a year now and generally been ok.
Broke my first no.5 section when it blew off my roller in a Cumbrian gale in February. The replacement was instant and cheap (65 from Ted Carter in Preston) so no complaints there. Since the initial purchase I have added significantly to the kits I got initially, alondside the usual pulla kits which I like, I have bought a super power top 3 and a super power top 3 which are elasticated with Drennan 25s bungee. I have used these in heavily weeded swims for carp and tench. These fish directly onto the number 5.
Incidently, I got the no.5 which broke repaired the strengthened with an extra wrap all the way down to complete my heavy set up, this way I have in effect a heavy top 5 wich then fits on the rest of my pole meaning I don't have to carry 2 poles.

My match top 3's are elasticated with 5s solid and I use these for the majority of my silver fishing, the pole is undoubtedly best balanced (not surprisingly) with this set up.
I then broke the replacement 5 section in a match when it simply broke on my roller. The replacement section again was available instantly but I am still waiting and hoping that Preston will agree that it was faulty. Usefully, the repaired number 5 meant that I wasn't unduley hampered during the match.

Last Sunday I fished a busy match, at 6m and weighed about 300 silvers for 20lb (and a win!). Half way through I started to get a crunching sound on the strike from the female end of the 6th section. On closer examination there was a soft spot which had cracked on the inside of the section but was not visible from the outside. More worrying however was there appears to be a number of fine tramline type cracks running down the section starting under the reinforcement at the female end. They are deep enough for my nail to click in them, but don't seem to have gone through the carbon, but seem to be more than just cracks in the crackle finish.

When I looked at the other sections there was a similar issue (except on the new number 5 which was fine). Anyway the no.6 was replaced F.O.C. and it was decided to keep any eye on these other 'cracks', if indeed they are cracks, and see what happens - they don't appear to be causing a problem at present.

So in summary mixed, the pole is nice when fishing light for silver and has been fine when attached to lumps with heavy elastics, but I have a concern regarding the ongoing durability of the pole, and also my ability to sell it in the future with these things that look like cracks.

So would I buy another? Not sure, still think side by side on a pole alley it takes some beating and I really like the diversity of the Preston add-on kits. But I am starting to find myself looking at poles like the Maver 481 and the Sensas 774 and wondering. I have also noticed that the airity seems to be appearing on line for about 2k and this was a pole I really liked though some people seem to think that it isn't stiff enough? and I couldn't justify the extra grand over the 3000 at the time. The thought that I have accumulated about 15 top kits strengthens the case for Preston, as does the after sales, but not being a big bloke 'the one' would seem to be too heavy. Anyway all rather academic given finances and the Mrs! so I will just have to hope all remains ok with what I have.
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