Preston Absolute 36 or Map Z36?


Dec 28, 2016
Looking at updating my box and down to these 2.
Just after opinions and experience from people who have owned one (or both!).
Read about potential flimsy z36 top drawer catching. But not much else.
Price wise not much in them (future doing the z36 at £499 now it seems, absolute lowest i can find is £575).
Matrix xr pro just a bit too expensive tbh.
Not really interested in new inception, xr comp etc etc.
Thanks for any insights


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Dec 20, 2006
I've got the Z36 no problems with the drawers.
I've also had a Preston Absolute compact.
No problems with that either!
The Preston seat is comfier than the MAP.


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Jul 5, 2019
I bought the Absolute 36 Black edition last spring and have used and abused it regularly since then. First things first, it's a heavy beast, I think it's 18.5kg unloaded. I've had to add the 100mm deep tray under the top drawers to bring my sitting height up to a comfortable level. Now fully loaded with the lower cassette fitted it can be a bit of a beast to move, hence my old trolley was resigned to the shed and I bought a 4 wheel map Mk2 trolley that makes transporting it to the peg a doddle. I find it easier to transport with the footplate removed and carry it in a bag with my side trays and re attach it when setting up. The best part for me is the seat is comfortable and being a big lad of around 19 and a half stone and 6ft tall it's rock solid whether low to the ground on level commercial type swims or legs extended on uneven natural banks. So far it hasn't managed to topple over and dump me into the river whilst standing on the footplate to trot a float down stream :giggle: . As far as the drawers and rig storage trays all so far have been brilliant and there's plenty of room for all my kit. One thing I do watch out for is when I'm removing the included box cover the maglok clips are prone to slipping sideways and unlocking so do make sure they are secured before lifting the trays. All in all it does the job I wanted and I have no qualms recommending it.