Preston 11'6'' Power Float rod mini.


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Jul 11, 2018
I've been after an 11' to 13' float rod for carp for what seems like ages. I wanted a rod I could float fish with 6lb line and give big carp some stick. I brought a 1.5lb 12' and found it no quite right. I was a light carp rod, but not a float rod, ringed all wrong, with too much power, not enough finesse and to full in the action for my liking. It will make a great big chub or barbel rod for someone, but I have plenty of these, so I'll sell it off cheap.

What I ended up with was a cracking float rod, that has a fast progressive action that will pick up line, and play big fish with authority. It has a very slim blank and slightly enlarged cork handle, with a decent reel sitting. The rings are typical for a match float rod, stand off guides and enough of them. The rod is now discontinued but you can still find the odd rod about, if you take time to search for one. They are also discounted in price as well, expect to pay around £120-£140, well worth it if you want a proper carp float rod, and not a Avon style imitation.