Sold Preston 10m Edge Monster 2 weeks old

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Jun 29, 2020
Preston 10m Edge Monster Margin Pole. Bought 2 weeks ago, used once for 2 hours. Comes elasticated with Daiwa Black Hydro in one Top Kit and Diawa Grey Hydro in the other which hasn't even been out of the tube. Bought a Maver Oculus 16m pole 3 days after I bought this and so hasn't been out of the Garage since. Was going to keep it but know I'll never use it. Paid £180 for it plus another £40 for the top end elastics and bushes etc. Its in mint condition to be fair. F2F preferred or meet around the Doncaster Area. £170. NO OFFERS PLEASE 20200724_171440.jpg 20200724_170422.jpg 20200724_170429.jpg 20200724_170436.jpg
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