Prestige stalker barrow

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Jun 2, 2005
After deciding to target large bream this year I realised just how much groundbait etc I needed to fish my chosen lake . After taking 5kg and running out before the end of the day it became obvious I needed a trolley / barrow as I didn't fancy three trips to the lake and back to the car at 10 minutes each way walking! However not being a long session angler I didn't want a full size carp barrow but a trolley would probably not be big enough.
The stalker barrow was duly purchased and I've got to say it is a mighty impressive bit of kit. Big enough to carry all my bait bags holdall bivvy etc but still small enough to fit in a vw polo! It makes light work of 20kg of kit and is a doddle to push around.
At 60 it's not the cheapest bit of kit but it will make my life a lot easier!
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