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Aug 8, 2001
Following recent widespread media coverage of a threat of a new anti-angling campaign orchestrated by the animal rights group PETA, the National Angling Alliance (NAA) has produced detailed briefing notes and guidance information. The NAA has also exchanged information with the Countryside Alliance to ensure that there is a consistent response to media enquiries about angling.
The NAA wishes to emphasise that it completely rejects all claims that angling is cruel and should be banned, or that there is any case for anglers to answer.
Fish or wildlife populations do not suffer as a result of angling; rather, they benefit enormously from anglers care and concern for the environment, unpolluted water and bankside habitats. Calls for a ban on the sport are based on no more than ethical, quasi-religious views held by a small number of people.
However, such views are subjective and cannot be tested by scientific methods or rational analysis.
What anti-angling activists do is to try to prevent other people indulging in a healthy, lawful and constructive pastime. They offer nothing to society, wildlife or the welfare of fish, in stark contrast to the huge contribution made by anglers to the development of young people, to community activity, to the understanding of the natural world and to the protection of fisheries and the environment.
In fact, it is the anti-angling activists who have a case to answer. Anglers are entitled to be proud of their achievements and their interest in the sport, and they have a right not to be subject to harassment from people who, at best, are ill informed. Anti-angling activists are anti-social and irrational; they should be prepared to be held to account for their behaviour.
The National Angling Alliance will continue in its robust, comprehensive and detailed protection of angling against such attacks.

The members of the National Angling Alliance are:-
Angling Trade Association representing the angling trade
National Association of Fisheries and Angling Consultatives - the national body for consultatives
National Federation of Anglers the governing body of coarse angling
National Federation of Sea Anglers the governing body of sea angling
Salmon & Trout Association the governing body of game angling
Specialist Anglers Alliance representing specialist angling

For further information, please contact Louise Byrne on 020 7283 5838
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