Pre Match Preparation - How far do you go?


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Nov 22, 2019
In the early sixties when I was in my early teens the guy who mentored me made me go mid week early doors on the bus to the canal and practice “plumbing up” on a method he had devised (that I still do to this very day). He also made me lay the line in a “S” on top of the water to make a more direct but noisy strike.
We had to have a marker and imagine a yard square and within this yard square a foot square and plumb it up and down and across noting depressions etc. He would then check it out to see if I was correct and vice versa. He was very smart and dapper dresser and his tackle was also clean and tidy. He also made copious notes in a large ledger type book of practices, match results, and any information gained. He was also a bloody good angler.