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Oct 30, 2005
Anyone watch it? The defence big-wigs must have s**t themselves when it came on!
They showed all the ex-servicemen and women who were simply ignored when they were of no more use to them. And this was made a lot worse when they compared the american veterans!
I wonder why we didn't see them put the statue up in Trafalgar Square in the news!
I still can't find out what happened to the statue!


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Aug 22, 2003
During all the flag waving jingoistic displays for returning servicemen during/after the "Falklands War" the maimed,disfigured and broken bodied servicemen were flown in by the back door so as not to upset the public by way of RAF Brize Norton.

A fund was set up to help these heroes called the "South Atlantic Fund" One company who heard about the red tape involved in getting adapted vehicles for some of the severly injured opened their cheque books and purchased vehicles for some of the disabled servicemen.
Once the South Atlantic Fund got the money to the people who needed it most those who had been given cars had their financial help reduced by the amount the vehicles cost even though the South Atlantic Fund hadn't paid for the vehicles!

If you want thanks dont join the forces because you are everyones heroe until the sh1t hits the fan and the MOD drops you quicker than a hot coal.

PIRA blew up,shot,maimed and tortured British servicemen "NO PROBLEM" Tony Blair says "we will have the "Good Friday" agreement and you will all be released".

What about "Bloody Sunday" cried the lunatic lefties "Paratroopers actually shot civilians" (whilst under fire themselves from people in civilian clothes). "NO PROBLEM" says Tony Blair and his cronies "We will conduct an enquiry and those responsible will be punished"

Thanks a lot Tony!... and yet.............young men and women still take the 'Kings Shilling' to fight for this country (and other countries as well) God bless em all!

As for Blair and his cronies well Blair as said "History and God will be his judge" I hope the God he sees happens to be "ALLAH" (PBUH) that would be worth a ringside seat!

lucky wayne

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Jun 4, 2003
no one makes anyone join the army fighting is what they get paid to do if they dont like it dont bloody join up


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Aug 11, 2001
Wayne it isn't the fact they had to fight its the fact they were left with no arms, no legs or paraplegic in a wheelchair for the rest oftheir lives and yet they get no help from the government, the Gurkas who fight for our Flag, country and Queen have never refused to fight even though they don't have to yet they get nothing other than 25 a month as a pension to show they have fought and suffered alongside the other brave souls who have fought for our flag.

I would gladly go to war for my country but if i was injured or worse then i would expect some kind of payment to be made to either me or my family.........wouldn't you?
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