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Aug 11, 2001
Who is an ambulance technician (she hates me calling her an ambulance driver!)

I've seen alot of people taking to facebook today, to whinge that police officers are telling people they can't drive to other locations to take their daily exercise. Let me set this scene for you;
You arrive at Cannock Chase Sunday morning, nice and early. There's only 1 other car on the carpark, and no-one else in sight. 'Perfect', you think. 'I'm in no danger of seeing anyone else here today!'
You get your dog out of the boot, and off you pootle onto the footpaths. As you get halfway around the walk, you still haven't seen another soul. 'Brilliant', you think, as you swing the footpath gate open and carry on through for the homeward stretch.
What you're blissfully unaware of, is that 20mins before you passed through that gate, someone else did. Someone who is carrying Covid-19. They dont have any symptoms yet, so they too thought it would be fine to go out.
Just before going through that gate they sneezed. They stopped to blow their nose, popped the tissue back in their pocket and carried on their way.
You've just touched that same gate handle and, sadly for you, you're now carrying Covid-19 too. But because it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show, you'll have no idea.
So you finish your walk and head home. When you get home you make your partner a cup of tea, and you sit and have a drink together. Sadly for your partner, you've just passed him a hot cup of Covid-19. But he wont have a clue either.
On Monday your partner goes to work. He's works in a medical supplies distribution centre, so he is a key worker and he can't stay home. After about an hour he goes to use the photocopier. He's just spread his Covid-19 over allllll those buttons. Sadly for the other 4 people that use the photocopier that day, he's just given them Covid-19.
That night, those 4 people go home to their families ..... and you get the picture.
Covid-19 does not travel - we do. Covid-19 can live on surfaces, and scientists aren't sure how long for. At the moment it's thought it can live up to 72hours!
If we stop travelling, the virus stops travelling. If the virus stops travelling, it stops spreading, and fewer people die. It really is that simple.
'Ahhhh', i hear you say. 'The walk I go on doesn't have any gates!' It is nigh on impossible for the government to release a list of 'approved and non-approved walks', based on the likelihood of cross contamination. So they have introduced the quickest and simplest way to stop the spread - a blanket ban.
This is the biggest restriction on our freedoms since WW2 - they are not 'guidelines' to be considered and ignored at a whim. They're not being introduced and enforced for a laugh! These rules are in place for YOUR protection, please STOP thinking you dont need to abide by them.

Now, change Cannock Chase to your favourite walk or fishing don't have to bump into someone just need to touch what they've contaminated!