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Aug 8, 2001
Post your Match Results on

With the new forum software it's easier than ever to post match results to the forums whether it be club matches or fishery matches, the facility is there for all to use.

If your results are in MS Excell, simply highlight and copy them to your clipboard, and then paste them into a post... let the forum software do the hard bit.
(More here: What's New)

If your results are photo'd from a sheet, again it's as easy as clicking a button to upload the image to the site...
To add a photo from your phone, view the forums on your phone and tap the 'Insert image' button.
Browse to where the photo is on your phone, select it, and let it upload

There's a dedicated section for Match Results right here.....

And to see the potential here are the results for The Angel of the North Fishery...
now running into 163,000 unique views

Tip: If you want to post weekly results, start a thread using the name of your club or fishery, and then just add to them.
Feel free to link to them from your own website or elsewhere, and if you want an RSS Feed to display on your site or page get in touch and I'll show you how .
Any problems or questions please let me know 1f603.png