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Oct 15, 2017
In Barnsley our Mayors office has two cars with .... The 1 and .... The 2. I kid you not. Not bad for a town that’s been on its arse since the miners strike. Just shows how the powers that be think. A - holes.
The mayors car in Warrington has the reg ED 1
warrington has the ED prefix on registrations,
The registration is worth more than the car it is on ,


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Dec 11, 2004
Coming home today saw a soft top beemer, reg started EN15, oh how I wish someone would put a P at the front of the plate.
That particular plate was once owned by a guy who lived quite close to where I grew up, in Darlington. Don't recall the cars at all but he had PEN15 on one of them and - I kid you not - OOB1G on the other one - I don't think I ever saw them on the road, they were always parked side by side on his driveway, front and centre at the front of the house :)